StartWire Unveils Talent Community Xcelerator

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New Solution from Recruiting Technology Leader Populates Talent Communities with Opted-In Job Candidates

LEBANON, NH–(Marketwired – Apr 5, 2017) – StartWire, America’s number one job search organizer, today announced the release of Talent Community Xcelerator. Designed for organizations with existing talent communities or candidate relationship marketing programs, StartWire Talent Community Xcelerator creates a new acquisition channel for targeted candidate leads by integrating the employer’s opt-in with StartWire’s registration process.

StartWire is already used by more than 11 million job seekers. The award-winning free service has been lauded for advancing the candidate experience by providing them with automatic status updates from thousands of employers regarding their job applications.

StartWire Talent Community Xcelerator

With the launch of Talent Community Xcelerator, StartWire enhances its employer-side tools. Talent communities are major investments in time and money and are often only promoted on the employer’s owned assets such as the career site and social media channels. Now, organizations can leverage Talent Community Xcelerator to target job seekers by location, occupation, education or salary, and offer an easy way to join the employer’s talent community with just one click. This approach presents a win-win for everyone, as job seekers get connected to employers they are interested in, and employers increase the reach and value of their talent communities.

CRM and talent community software providers can also partner with StartWire to offer Talent Community Xcelerator to their clients who may be looking for additional ways to grow their candidate databases. Talent Community Xcelerator can easily be integrated into most platforms and provides another tool for technology vendors to improve the ROI of their software and deepen relationships with their clients.

StartWire president Andrew Katz commented, “StartWire’s unique registration process allows us to interact with candidates who are interested in learning about new opportunities. With StartWire Talent Community Xcelerator, employers can detail the skills they anticipate needing for current and future openings — from warehouse workers to electrical engineers and every discipline in between — and receive only those candidates matching their criteria.” He continued, “StartWire has earned the trust of candidates and employers alike through our continual communications to confirm alignment.”

Heading StartWire Talent Community Xcelerator is Harold Levy, vice president, Business Development. Levy has more than 30 years of recruitment marketing experience, having held executive roles at TMP Worldwide, Bernard Hodes/Omnicom, Bayard and Korn Ferry. Given his expertise, Levy is able to guide StartWire clients’ talent community acquisition strategies and ensure measurable results.

Levy shared, “StartWire Talent Community Xcelerator solution addresses the requirements of multiple audiences: the candidates who want to learn about relevant openings; the employers that need to build communities of qualified candidates; and other vendors — such as CRM and TRM providers — seeking high quality data services to augment their technology solutions.”

To learn more about StartWire Talent Community Xcelerator, please contact Harold Levy by emailing

About StartWire
StartWire is America’s number one job search organizer with more than 11 million members. Job seekers across the U.S. turn to StartWire to close the “resume black hole” by receiving automatic status updates from thousands of employers. Since its inception, StartWire has received rave reviews and coverage in US News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, TechCrunch, Mashable, ERE, and Human Resource Executive. StartWire is headquartered near Dartmouth College in Lebanon, NH. For more information, visit

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Join the StartWire team – Email Marketing Manager

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Email Marketing Manager
Location: New York/New Jersey area


The Email Marketing Manager job will drive all facets of the StartWire’s Email Marketing program from conception through creation to launch and post campaign analysis and optimization.  You will work in a team environment to execute daily and ad hoc email deployments with an overall goal of driving revenue and user acquisition.

The ideal candidate will have an accomplished history of executing & optimizing email campaigns, will be analytics driven and be an expert in adhering to CAN-SPAM laws with a goal of  maintaining the organization’s stellar reputation. You will be responsible for creating and maintaining engaging email template designs as well as coding responsive HTML.


Additional responsibilities include:

  • Developing new communication strategies to optimize our email program.
  • Overseeing list segmentation strategies to increase engagement and retention and to get the  right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Managing and implementing an e-mail marketing calendar.
  • Pro-actively identifying and implementing opportunities for program and process improvements.
  • Optimizing existing campaigns with frequent multi-variant A/B testing of subject lines, click thru, time of send, & content.
  • Daily tracking, analyzing and reporting on email campaign results including audience, content, messaging, creative, deliverability, open rates, click through rates, conversion as well subscriber list growth and health.


Desired Skills and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or similar field
  • At least 2-4 years of Email Marketing/ Digital Marketing experience.
  • 2-4 years experience creating and launching email campaigns using a leading ESP (SendGrid preferred)
  • 2+ years experience coding in responsive email HTML development.
  • 2+ years graphic design experience
  • Collaborative spirit with the ability to work with all levels of management as well as various  internal/external teams.
  • Proficiency in Excel (including creating Pivot Tables/formulas), Word and PowerPoint.
  • Familiarity with CRM or some other form or database management.
  • Experience with A/B testing.
  • Ability to multitask and balance an intense attention to detail with swift execution.
  • Experience with analytics tools such as Google Analytics.
  • A go-getter with the ability to make an impact


We offer a competitive compensation package along with a great work environment. For immediate consideration for this job, please email your resume to



About StartWire

StartWire is America’s number one job search organizer with more than 7 million members. Job seekers across the US turn to StartWire to close the “resume black hole” by receiving automatic status updates from thousands of employers. Since its inception, StartWire has received rave reviews and coverage in US News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, TechCrunch, Mashable, ERE, and Human Resource Executive. StartWire is headquartered near Dartmouth College in Lebanon, NH. For more information, visit //


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Spend Your Downtime At Work Productively

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If you have those days at work where you encounter downtime and wonder whether you should be taking a breather or not, keep in mind that your downtime can be used in productive ways.

We all need a break once in a while, but if you find yourself aimlessly ticking away your time, this is a sign that you can transform this time to be productive and even help you stand out at work.

Find out company goals and drive new initiatives

Knowing what your company is working towards gives you an idea of how to reorient your work to meet these goals. During your downtime, ask yourself, how does my specific work align with the company’s larger goals?1

If this answer is vague, drive new initiatives to position yourself in a role that contributes to these larger goals.

Doing so not only brings your current work into alignment with the company’s goals, but helps you stand out from the crowd. When your company’s goals are being met, they’ll most likely look around to see who took part in the process.

Help your coworkers and show your exemplary teamwork skills

Ask around and see if any of your coworkers need a hand. Doing so helps you build a network of coworkers who may help you out when you are in need of a hand. Furthermore, it shows your boss or supervisor that you have strong teamwork skills.

Plan Ahead

This advice is more common sense…If you have free time, use it to plan ahead! Set up an outline or collect materials you need for a future project.

Planning ahead can save you considerable time once a project begins. This way, you’ll encounter less stress and may even have more downtime later on!

But now.. you know exactly what to do with this new downtime. Keep these tips in mind and you might find that sometimes it’s the little things that take you further in your career.

StartWire Brings Job Seekers New Tool to Improve Job Search

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Here at StartWire, we’re always trying to come up with cool tools for our job seekers. We ask ourselves, how can we make their job search easier? What kinds of unique tools can we bring to the table to improve the job search experience?

The result of that brainstorm? A one-of-a-kind tool that automates job application tracking!

Imagine a job search that is organized and efficient… all without any effort from the job seeker! Imagine browsing for jobs with the help of a nifty browser plugin, Tracker that works in the background to save your job search history for future viewing.


See a job you like, but don’t have time to apply? No problem… because Tracker saves it for you. Come back at any time to view jobs you’ve bookmarked and apply whenever you’re ready. Tracker also saves the original job listing link, so all you do is click “view original job listing” and you’re brought back to that page.

Saw a job you like and applied for it? Tracker also saves this job and any other job listings you’ve applied to, giving you the ability to gauge your job search progress. Connect to your submitted applications and StartWire can even send you status updates via. email or text (from over 8,300+ companies).

Need job recommendations? Get smart job recommendations from Tracker. Tracker will interpret your job search history and give job recommendations similar to the jobs you are viewing or have applied to.

We know job searching is tough, but now with Tracker, this process becomes efficient and easier. Tracker takes away the need to manually organize your job search and instead saves job seekers precious time to be used on the more important aspect of job search — getting hired.


Download Tracker over at

To read the full story, visit


Express Apply Jobs on StartWire

November 15th, 2012 No comments

Are you tired of filling out the same applications when applying to jobs? First Name, Last Name–All the standard fields that a glimpse of your resume should reveal. Time is important in a job search. Ideally, a shorter job search is a better job search.

If you’re like me, there’s only a set amount of time each day where I can keep myself seated to go through the process of: 1) finding a qualified pool of jobs to apply to, 2) filling out the applications that go with these positions, and 3) making sure my resume looks crafted enough for that specific position.   Therefore, while I still have my initiative and focus of the day, I want to make my time count!

Filling out the same applications for different job positions in a time-constrained job search can be very redundant and unnecessary.  My time could be put to better use if I filled out less paper-work related applications and spent it both finding and applying to more relevant job listings.   At StartWire, we realized this and decided to make this process easier.  As a result, we came up with… Express Apply Jobs.

First, we scour our database (daily!) for jobs that match your skills and experience, and deliver them to your StartWire account. What determines the type of Express Apply Jobs you receive?  We search StartWire’s database of over 100,000 jobs to find openings that are right for you. If you’ve taken a look at your Express Apply Jobs and wish to see something a little different, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of your account and edit your job search profile to help us understand what you’re looking for.

Now you have Express Apply Jobs job listings you can apply to in under a minute.   How does this work?   They cut down on the time you would have spent filling out applications by making sure that there are no applications to fill out!  Once you’ve read the job description, have interest in applying, and click to apply, your resume will be sent straight to the employer.  This is a great way to save time and avoid filling out extra paperwork.

Where can you find your Express Apply Jobs?  For your convenience, the first few Express Apply Jobs you qualify for can be found in your homepage after you’ve signed into your StartWire account.  The rest can be found in the Express Apply icon (that looks like a clock) at the top, right-hand corner of your page.

Lastly, Express Apply Jobs are free, so put this resource to great use.  Let us know what you think of this tool and what you’d like to see for the future.   We’re always brainstorming newer tools to make the job search process a better and easier one for you.

Safety First: Career Tips for Handling Sandy and other Hurricanes

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We had planned a post on scary interview questions in honor of Halloween, but it feels more pressing to talk about how to approach your career in a Frankenstorm as Sandy bears down on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Back in 2005, I spent two weeks with Hurricane Katrina survivors in Biloxi, Mississippi. It was three months after the storm, and many people who had lost their homes did not feel ready to return to work or seek new employment opportunities yet. In Maslow’s needs hierarchy of what we need to survive, fixing the roof over our heads often takes higher priority than a job or a paycheck.

While we won’t know the full extent of the damage for weeks, here are a few things we do know:

  1. It’s not worth risking your life to get to work when the roads and public transit systems are closed.
  2. In the midst of a big storm, safety and security trump deadlines.
  3. There will be high demand for hiring in the insurance and construction industries for months to come. (But if you choose to move to an area before seeking work in these fields, you need to make sure you can secure housing first — otherwise, you will be contributing to the problem instead of the solution.)

If you can read this and are in the path of the storm, help yourself survive first and worry about your job search later. But if you have two minutes, here are five quick tips courtesy of relief workers and job seekers who’ve been there:

  1. If you are currently employed, know and follow your company’s emergency contact plan. Maintain a list of multiple phones and e-mail addresses of people that you can contact after the storm: if your employer is an independent or local business that runs off of local service providers for phone and internet, you can expect downtime after the storm.
  2. Store electronic copies of your documents. Online storage providers or web-based services such as Google Documents will enable you to access your resume, recommendations, and other career-related information from anywhere-should you have need of it.
  3. Keep important identification and financial records together-and take it with you in a waterproof document holder. You need more than a driver’s license alone to establish identity at a new job.  Make sure you have the identification necessary to complete the I-9 Eligibility form required by all U.S. employers.
  4. Develop your own personal business continuity plan: if your phone or e-mail service is provided by a local business, have a back-up plan. The U.S. Portability number rule will allow you to transfer your landline number to a cell phone number-or to keep your cell phone number even if you move to a new area. This guide will show you how:…. If you don’t have one already, sign-up for a free e-mail account through providers such as Gmail, Yahoo! , or AOL and forward copies of your e-mail to your remote account.
  5. If you evacuate and have room, pack at least one professional outfit that fits you well-even if you don’t need it for interviewing, you will be glad you have it later if your personal belongings are affected by the storm.

Follow these steps and you’ll be better prepared to preserve your career-even in the face of the strongest obstacles. If your housing and employment situation is disrupted by the storm, breathe. Be reassured: people will be attentive to your professional needs after the storm even if the worst happens.

Stay dry, safe, and know that we’re thinking of you.

The StartWire Team

Romney Leads Obama 52 to 48 in a National Survey of Active Job Seekers

October 24th, 2012 No comments

StartWire, America’s #1 job search organizer, today announced the results of a national, presidential election survey of active job seekers. The major findings from the survey revealed that presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney is the favorite with 52 percent of likely voters as opposed to President Barack Obama with 48 percent of the vote.

Romney’s edge lay with those who identified themselves as unemployed or underemployed. Romney was also chosen as the candidate who would create more jobs, while President Obama had an edge on the question of which candidate will look out more for the unemployed.

The specific findings among likely voters included:

  •     53 percent of unemployed and underemployed respondents are planning to vote for Mitt Romney versus 46 percent planning to vote for Barack Obama;
  •     Barack Obama leads with job seekers who currently hold a full-time job with 58 percent of likely voters vs. 42 percent for Mitt Romney;
  •     47 percent of respondents believe that Mitt Romney will create more jobs as President vs. 33 percent for Barack Obama;
  •     46 percent believe Barack Obama will look out more for the unemployed as President vs. 39 percent for Mitt Romney; and
  •     Of the 859 survey respondents – all of whom are actively looking for work – 37 percent identified as Republicans, 37 percent as Democrats and 25 percent as Independent.

“Jobs and the economy are front and center in this campaign and we wanted to make sure the voice of the active job seeker was added to the debate,” said Chris Forman, CEO and founder, StartWire. “While the StartWire survey shows a tight race, there is a clear correlation between employment and candidate preference. Our research indicates unemployed and underemployed Americans clearly want a change in the White House.”

Seeking to radically improve the job search process, StartWire closes the “résumé black hole” by providing more than 500,000 job seekers with automatic application status updates from thousands of employers. With a network of 7,000+ employers and growing, StartWire improves application visibility and hiring knowledge for job seekers and recruiters.

Editors Note: The StartWire survey was conducted October 16 – October 21, 2012 to the most recent active StartWire user base. 57 percent of respondents indicated that they have been looking for a job for six months or more. For more information regarding the survey, please contact jennifermq(at)yapr(dot)com.

About StartWire™
StartWire™ is a game-changing Internet job search organizer that launched in early 2011. StartWire closes the “résumé black hole” by providing job seekers with automatic application status updates from thousands of employers. Since its inception, StartWire has received rave reviews and write-ups in US News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal,, AOL Jobs, CNN, ERE, and Human Resource Executive.

Real Job Seekers and the Presidential Candidacy

October 18th, 2012 No comments

The other night, as I watched the Presidential Debate, I heard a lot of talk about jobs and job creation from both candidates. They each have their own take on how America can best get back on its feet and get people back to work. As I watched, I wanted to know…what do real job seekers think of these plans? Who do you, as an American searching for work, trust with your future?

So, if you’d like to take a minute to share your thoughts, I ask you to take this anonymous survey:

It’s just a few questions, asking you to share your viewpoint as the American job seeker. It’s completely anonymous (I won’t see anyone’s identity or email address when they reply) and completely optional. Share if you’d like your view points out here. If not, thanks for taking the time to read this post!


StartWire launches Mobile!

October 16th, 2012 No comments

Here at StartWire, we work hard to make your job search faster and easier. Today we’re proud to announce a big update to our site that’s going to help you enjoy StartWire a little more…

StartWire Mobile is now live!

A lot of you are on the go and relying on your mobile phones to keep you updated – on everything from family and friends, to the news. Wouldn’t it be better if you could search for, apply to and check status updates on your jobs on the go too? We thought so. StartWire Mobile, our new mobile optimized site, streamlines everything that’s great about StartWire on your computer, and puts it in the palm of your hand.

And hey, did we mention, you can now apply to jobs from your mobile device?

Just upload your resume to your StartWire account to activate this feature. Then using our ExpressApply feature (already available on your desktop or laptop), you’ll be able to view and apply to jobs that you qualify for with a few clicks of your thumb. It’s that easy.

Get moving with StartWire Mobile at!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of our mobile addition! Try it out and let us know what you think.

Why We Need to Treat Job Seekers Like Customers by Chris Forman, CEO of StartWire

October 15th, 2012 No comments

If ‘recruiting’ is one of the biggest touch points companies have to those outside of the company, then why do job seekers not receive treatment that customers would? In this year’s Recruiting Trends Conference, Chris Forman, CEO of StartWire is presenting on: Why We Need to Treat Job Seekers Like Customers.

At StartWire, we believe not only that job seekers deserve to be treated like customers, but that companies who do so will benefit from this consideration.  Job seekers, in applying to positions, see the human side of companies that they may not have otherwise. Their experience will often define how they view that company’s entire brand. If you want a good brand image, start with treating the job seekers your organization deals with respectfully. Furthermore, someone may not be a good fit for the open position today – but the perfect candidate for a later opening. They have already shown that they WANT to work there. Treating a candidate well today, even if they aren’t hired, means you may have your next hire already in hand. We all wear many hats, and someone who is a job seeker today, may have a number of chances in the future to interact with your company and their brand. Treat them kindly today, and reap the benefits down the line.

Companies who understand this problem often feel it’s an insurmountable obstacle because they simply have too many applicants and too little time. However, new technologies are being developed to help recruiting departments provide good experiences to job applicants. StartWire’s own ApplicationConnect helps make the application process user-friendly, without adding extra work for recruiters. It’s time to realize that providing a good candidate experience is both important and possible.

The Recruiting Trends Conference features world-class recruiting leaders who will be sharing ideas to address this topic and other key ideas in recruiting to better the recruitment sphere. Here’s to changing the world of recruiting for job seekers, one presentation at a time! Thanks for all of your support StartWire fans!

What’s New(s) at StartWire