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StartWire Brings Job Seekers New Tool to Improve Job Search

Here at StartWire, we’re always trying to come up with cool tools for our job seekers. We ask ourselves, how can we make their job search easier? What kinds of unique tools can we bring to the table to improve the job search experience?

The result of that brainstorm? A one-of-a-kind tool that automates job application tracking!

Imagine a job search that is organized and efficient… all without any effort from the job seeker! Imagine browsing for jobs with the help of a nifty browser plugin, Tracker that works in the background to save your job search history for future viewing.


See a job you like, but don’t have time to apply? No problem… because Tracker saves it for you. Come back at any time to view jobs you’ve bookmarked and apply whenever you’re ready. Tracker also saves the original job listing link, so all you do is click “view original job listing” and you’re brought back to that page.

Saw a job you like and applied for it? Tracker also saves this job and any other job listings you’ve applied to, giving you the ability to gauge your job search progress. Connect to your submitted applications and StartWire can even send you status updates via. email or text (from over 8,300+ companies).

Need job recommendations? Get smart job recommendations from Tracker. Tracker will interpret your job search history and give job recommendations similar to the jobs you are viewing or have applied to.

We know job searching is tough, but now with Tracker, this process becomes efficient and easier. Tracker takes away the need to manually organize your job search and instead saves job seekers precious time to be used on the more important aspect of job search — getting hired.


Download Tracker over at www.startwire.com/plugin/download

To read the full story, visit http://www.prweb.com/releases/2013/10/prweb11185209.htm


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