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Why We Need to Treat Job Seekers Like Customers by Chris Forman, CEO of StartWire

If ‘recruiting’ is one of the biggest touch points companies have to those outside of the company, then why do job seekers not receive treatment that customers would? In this year’s Recruiting Trends Conference, Chris Forman, CEO of StartWire is presenting on: Why We Need to Treat Job Seekers Like Customers.

At StartWire, we believe not only that job seekers deserve to be treated like customers, but that companies who do so will benefit from this consideration.  Job seekers, in applying to positions, see the human side of companies that they may not have otherwise. Their experience will often define how they view that company’s entire brand. If you want a good brand image, start with treating the job seekers your organization deals with respectfully. Furthermore, someone may not be a good fit for the open position today – but the perfect candidate for a later opening. They have already shown that they WANT to work there. Treating a candidate well today, even if they aren’t hired, means you may have your next hire already in hand. We all wear many hats, and someone who is a job seeker today, may have a number of chances in the future to interact with your company and their brand. Treat them kindly today, and reap the benefits down the line.

Companies who understand this problem often feel it’s an insurmountable obstacle because they simply have too many applicants and too little time. However, new technologies are being developed to help recruiting departments provide good experiences to job applicants. StartWire’s own ApplicationConnect helps make the application process user-friendly, without adding extra work for recruiters. It’s time to realize that providing a good candidate experience is both important and possible.

The Recruiting Trends Conference features world-class recruiting leaders who will be sharing ideas to address this topic and other key ideas in recruiting to better the recruitment sphere. Here’s to changing the world of recruiting for job seekers, one presentation at a time! Thanks for all of your support StartWire fans!

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