Want a New Job in ’13: Here’s a List of Companies on the Nice List…

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Whatever holiday you celebrate, chances are good that you’ve heard catching_snowflakesSanta Claus is Coming to Town at Least at least once this year… on the radio, on tv,  or in stores.

He’s making a list,
Checking it twice,
Going to find out who’s Naughty or Nice..

This week we share StartWire’s version of the “nice” list — a sweet group of companies and organizations recognized by the 2012 Candidate Experience Awards, a program that recognizes employers who treat candidates well throughout the job search process.

Here’s a list of employers you may want to check out and put on your short list for applying for jobs in 2013:

Want to learn more about salaries and interviewing at these organizations?Here’s a quick way to get the whole scoop: Track any job you’ve applied to using StartWire.com; then click on the details view of that job. You’ll see tabs that give you automatic access to Salary and Interview information — compliments of present and past employee reviews on Glassdoor.com. (Note: This works for all positions listed and tracked through StartWire — wherever there’s a review, you’ll get the information. So you can make your own naughty list, too!)

Enjoy your holiday, make sure you mix your research with a long winter’s nap, and let us know how we can help you come January!

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Why StartWire asks for your resume, and how sharing it helps your job search

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Your resume is an important tool in your job search. Think of it as a marketing tool that markets your value to employers. Before employers get a chance to meet you face-to-face, your resume gives off the first impression…and first impressions can make or break it! Therefore, it’s important that you use your resume to increase your visibility to employers. StartWire emphasizes the importance of a resume because not only does it help your job search, but it’s also necessary to use some of StartWire’s best features:

  1. Your resume unlocks Express Apply Jobs. Ever feel tired of filling out the same job applications when the details on your resume should be sufficient enough to fill in those blank fields? Express Apply Jobs eliminate the long application process, and once you’re interested in applying for a job, click “Apply” and we’ll send your resume straight to the employer. (We can only do this if a resume exists in your StartWire profile.)
  2. Your resume in a resume database increases your visibility. 80% of employers search resume databases to look for new hires. StartWire offers free resume distribution so that your resume will land into the hands of employers seeking for employees like you. Employers prefer to search for candidates in resume databases because sometimes, unqualified candidates apply to posted positions. Finding candidates in a database helps them ensure they’re getting the right match. Increase your visibility and chances of being found by having your resume be a part of databases that employers are searching.
  3. Your resume unlocks StartWire Mobile. Many people are searching for jobs on the go and through their phones (or wishing they could!). Therefore, StartWire now offers mobile job searches. Once you locate a job of interest, click apply and your resume will be sent to the employer. In order for StartWire Mobile to work, make sure that a resume is attached to your StartWire profile.

How do you upload a resume to your StartWire account? Option 1) You can actually upload a resume to your StartWire account by forwarding an email with your resume attached to resume@startwire.com. The system will automatically attach your resume to your StartWire account. Option 2) Log-in at www.startwire.com and click on your name at the top, right-hand corner to view your profile. From there, you can either choose to attach or copy & paste your resume. Let your resume increase your visibility to employers—Upload your resume today!

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Express Apply Jobs on StartWire

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Are you tired of filling out the same applications when applying to jobs? First Name, Last Name–All the standard fields that a glimpse of your resume should reveal. Time is important in a job search. Ideally, a shorter job search is a better job search.

If you’re like me, there’s only a set amount of time each day where I can keep myself seated to go through the process of: 1) finding a qualified pool of jobs to apply to, 2) filling out the applications that go with these positions, and 3) making sure my resume looks crafted enough for that specific position.   Therefore, while I still have my initiative and focus of the day, I want to make my time count!

Filling out the same applications for different job positions in a time-constrained job search can be very redundant and unnecessary.  My time could be put to better use if I filled out less paper-work related applications and spent it both finding and applying to more relevant job listings.   At StartWire, we realized this and decided to make this process easier.  As a result, we came up with… Express Apply Jobs.

First, we scour our database (daily!) for jobs that match your skills and experience, and deliver them to your StartWire account. What determines the type of Express Apply Jobs you receive?  We search StartWire’s database of over 100,000 jobs to find openings that are right for you. If you’ve taken a look at your Express Apply Jobs and wish to see something a little different, click on your name in the upper right hand corner of your account and edit your job search profile to help us understand what you’re looking for.

Now you have Express Apply Jobs job listings you can apply to in under a minute.   How does this work?   They cut down on the time you would have spent filling out applications by making sure that there are no applications to fill out!  Once you’ve read the job description, have interest in applying, and click to apply, your resume will be sent straight to the employer.  This is a great way to save time and avoid filling out extra paperwork.

Where can you find your Express Apply Jobs?  For your convenience, the first few Express Apply Jobs you qualify for can be found in your homepage after you’ve signed into your StartWire account.  The rest can be found in the Express Apply icon (that looks like a clock) at the top, right-hand corner of your page.

Lastly, Express Apply Jobs are free, so put this resource to great use.  Let us know what you think of this tool and what you’d like to see for the future.   We’re always brainstorming newer tools to make the job search process a better and easier one for you.

StartWire awarded 2012 Top HR Product Award for Application Connect

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StartWire is excited to announce that our newly launched product for employers, ApplicationConnect, was chosen as one of the 2012 TOP HR PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR by Human Resource Executive for its unique contribution to the field.  This award recognizes “excellence and innovation in the HR vendor community” and we are honored to be part of such a high performing group.

With Application Connect, StartWire supports the importance of the candidate experience.  Application Connect is a tool devised to encourage businesses to treat applicants like customers.  Applicants can receive status updates on their job applications and have a space to give employers feedback on their experience. This allows businesses to create positive branding practices, which support customer perspective towards their product or service and a better recruiting experience.

As we attend this conference, we will be keeping our ears open for advice from top HR professionals on how to better improve the job search experience for job-seekers!  Thank you to all of your support!


StartWire Supports the Candidate Experience

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The StartWire team is off to Chicago on October 8-10 to attend the 15th Annual HR Technology Conference & Expo and support the 2012 Candidate Experience Awards as a sponsor. 

The Candidate Experience Awards encourage businesses to improve the candidate experience.   Searching for a job is a stressful situation and the Talent Board, a non-profit research organization who is behind the CandE Awards, recognizes this.  Their mission is to help employers and candidates have a more effective and humane experience during the recruiting process.  For this goal, StartWire is proud to be a sponsor of the CandE Awards.

The HR Technology Conference explores how technology is bringing about change in HR practices and some new ways of implementing technology to improve HR practices.  Attendees from 27 nations, senior HR executives, the top six most powerful software executives in our world, and HR technology consultants make this one of the most anticipated HR conferences of the year!  More about the HR Tech Expo from their main page.

StartWire’s team is excited to be attending the conference, and proud to be supporting an improved candidate experience. Let’s all keep working to make the job search and hiring process better!


StartWire™ Launches First-Ever Online Unemployment Work Search Organizer to Help Job Seekers Report for Benefits

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Lebanon, NH (May 9, 2012)StartWire™, a game-changing Internet job search organizer, today launched a first-of-its-kind application for unemployed job seekers – the StartWire Unemployment Work Search Organizer. With all 50 states requiring unemployed benefit claimants to track their work search on a weekly basis, the StartWire Unemployment Work Search Organizer automates the often-manual task of job tracking to receive benefits.

“For nearly all unemployed job seekers, the task of finding a job is stressful enough and then you layer on the unpleasant chore of job tracking for state unemployment benefits,” says Chris Forman, CEO of StartWire. “With this new application, StartWire continues to be a resource for job seekers throughout their job search lifecycle by making finding a job easier and more expedient.”

Via a one-click process within the StartWire site, job seekers can customize their job search records based on a date-range selection option and download the form as an excel spreadsheet to submit to the appropriate state’s unemployment agency. The report fields include status of application, potential employer information such as organization name and contact details as well as job type. The fields were compiled based on StartWire research of required unemployment benefit filings for all 50 states.

A recent StartWire survey of 25,000 unemployed benefit recipients indicated that one out of four job seekers surveyed had their work search records audited by state unemployment agencies. And of those that failed to provide records or showed incomplete records, nearly 75 percent had to re-pay benefits or were denied benefits for a period of time. Also, job seekers reported difficulties in keeping track of all the job search sites they had visited, and remembering application dates once they were audited – often long after applying. For further detail on the survey, see The Challenges & Benefits of Work Search Reporting Infographic.

“The failure of filing or incomplete record keeping can have devastating repercussions,” said Hari Ranganathan, StartWire Product Manager. “This new tool is a no-brainer and lets job seekers focus on the task at hand – finding a job.”

Seeking to radically improve the job search process, StartWire closes the “résumé black hole” by providing job seekers with automatic application status updates from thousands of employers. With a network of 6,000+ employers and growing, StartWire improves application visibility and hiring knowledge for job seekers.

About StartWire™

StartWire™, a game-changing Internet job search organizer that launched in early 2011. StartWire closes the “résumé black hole” by providing job seekers with automatic application status updates from thousands of employers. Over the past 12 months, StartWire has received rave reviews and write-ups in US News & World Report, About.com, AOL Jobs, CNN, ERE, and HR Executive Magazine.

Unemployment: Tips for Filling Out Work Search Records

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If you have never received unemployment benefits, you may not be aware that all 50 states require most claimants to maintain a weekly record of their work search to remain eligible for unemployment benefits. The specifics vary slightly by state, but you generally need to record where and when you have applied and the results of your application. This can be a great way to stay organized and remain motivated in your work search, but it can also present significant challenges.

We talk to job seekers all the time, and one of the biggest complaints during the job search from StartWire users who are unemployed is a concern about completing the work search records required by state unemployment offices.

Everyone wants to find work, but even after applying to numerous positions it can still be difficult to adequately complete a work search record. On the surface, work search reporting might seem like a simple requirement and for many it is, but for some it can become a daunting challenge. Why? In order to verify the work search records, many states require contact information for employers that includes a phone number. In some states, such as Montana, the name and contact information of the hiring manager is required.

When looking at online job postings, this information can be hard to come by. Job seekers are often unsure who will be viewing their application, and don’t know what contact information to put down. Today, we’d like to provide you with a few of our favorite strategies for finding this information. We hope it will make your life easier, and allow you to spend more time finding a job and less time worrying about your work search record.

Where to find contact information for those listings (even if the name and phone number isn’t listed in the job description):
  • Google. (We recommend searching company name, city, and “human resources” or HR – you should find a name in the search results)
  • Superpages (www.superpages.com), this site is an online phone directory. Try searching the White Pages by company name. You will at least get the main phone line for the company.
  • The company voice mail directory. (If you don’t want to talk, call at night and access the departmental directory – once you get transferred to a voicemail, you’ll also frequently get a name.)
  • LinkedIn.com (Use the Company pages feature to see employees at a company. Connect your StartWire account to LinkedIn and any related connections to your account will be recommended to you automatically.)

Just a quick reminder – StartWire is not certified to provide legal counsel on these matters, and cannot guarantee that these strategies will provide you with adequate information for your work search record. If you have questions related to your unemployment benefit eligibility status, or creating a work search record that meets your state’s requirements, we urge you to contact your state unemployment office. These are simply suggestions based on our experience to aid you in finding information in your work search.

Use these resources and take heart – we’ve got another new tool coming your way very soon — it should help ease the pain of keeping and submitting these records!

Friday Wrap Up: Make Use of StartWire!

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Our 5 part series on “The 5 Habits of Effective Job Seekers” aims to shed light on 5 important habits that will help job seekers become more effective in their job search. Ultimately, StartWire is a tool you can use to adapt these habits.

So to conclude our 5 part series, we’re spending some time on the question: How does StartWire work?

For those who want a better understanding of what StartWire offers, we compiled a visually appealing and easy way to grasp StartWire’s cool functions!

ONE: Application
  • Comb through job boards or StartWire’s databases for jobs.  Find positions that interest you and apply!
  • When you receive that ‘thanks for applying’ email, forward that email to apps@startwire.com.

  • Alternatively, you can add a job through the “Track a New Application” bar on our homepage.


TWO: Visual Organization
  • Job Search is stressful enough, but disorganization, along with clutter makes it more stressful.  We’re here to organize for you.  Now you’ll have one place to view all the jobs you’ve applied to!
  • Furthermore, it’s color coded to show you your chances of getting the job based on the amount of people who’ve applied to the same position.
  •  Green indicates better chances, whereas red represents positions with a higher number of applicants.  This give you a basis to adjust your expectations on whether you have heavy or light competition.

THREE: Notification
  • We’ll constantly be tracking these positions, so that you’ll receive automatic updates on the status of your jobs.  You can receive these updates through email, but even through a text if you prefer!

FOUR: Recommendations
  • We know that combing through jobs after jobs to find good matches can be very time consuming.  So we make this process easier for you by providing actual recommendations! We base these recommendations from positions you’ve applied to and previous positions you’ve searched for.

FIVE: Networking help
  • You can find who you know from the companies you’ve applied to.  You’ll have an insider in that company you can contact and ask for a referral.

SIX: Jobs
  • Since the main focus is jobs, we feature many of them!

We’re here as a service to all of you job seekers.  Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and how we can help you anytime you want.  Feel free to have a dialogue or join us on Facebook or Twitter.  We love talking to you! (And figuring out how we can ease your job search process!) -The StartWire Team

The 5 Habits of Effective Job Seekers: They Use America’s #1 Job Search Organizer!

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We’re at the last part of our 5 part series on “The 5 Habits of Effective Job Seekers”!

The aim of this concluding part of our series is to tie together all the habits we’ve uncovered together in the past weeks. To refresh, the habits of effective job seekers are:

1) They Don’t Post and Pray

2) They Apply Early

3) They Get Referred

4) They Get Found

5) They Make Use of America’s #1 Job Search Organizer

Now that we know the habits necessary for effective job seekers, the important question to ponder is what then does StartWire do to help job seekers adopt and practice these habits (this is the StartWire blog after all!)?

StartWire does in fact offer solutions to these problems.  StartWire was built from ground up to make the process of job search more manageable, less stressful and, of course, more effective!  What this means is, for each of the habits that we’ve talked about, StartWire has resources in place to help you adopt the habits of an effective job seeker.  Some of you may not be aware of all that you can do with StartWire, so we wanted to take some time to highlight how StartWire can help you with these specific and effective habits. 

We’re more than just advice here at StartWire News – we’re constantly working to build and improve tools that can help you execute on the advice we give.

In a Job Search? Get Found by an Employer!

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This week, we’re on tip #4 of our 5 Habits of Effective Job Seekers: They get found.

There’s a lot of talk right now about social media and how many employers use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to find and connect with job seekers. While social media is a great place to meet employers, it’s important not to neglect other places employers go to seek out great talent. And one of the places employers go to look is job boards that have resume databases. So today, we’re spotlighting job boards and the reason why so many companies still use them to find talent.

Why? When a company needs to hire an employee “right now,” they may not take the time to advertise widely. They may also be looking for a specific skill that isn’t easy to find.

And one of the best tried and true places to find those skills is a database of resumes. When you stop by a job board, you may search for jobs. But when employers login to job boards, they search for resumes. And when they find the resume they want, they follow up directly with the candidate.
They don’t have to jump through hoops, they just get in touch. Bottom line: Resume databases help employers make hires.

Want to get found this way? Yesterday we shared some basic tips for formatting your resume. Here are three additional things you can do to increase the likelihood of getting found.

  1. Get out there.  Don’t just visit job boards; upload your resume. It takes less than five minutes — and you can’t get found otherwise. As my wise friend Anna says, “you can’t meet anybody if you don’t put yourself out there.” Or to look at it another way: The only way to win the lottery is to buy a ticket!Worried about privacy? Leave off your address — and maybe even the name of your current employer (instead: you can give a descriptor — e.g. Consumer packaging company with 250 employees.
  2. Make sure you can be found in a search. Use the right keywords for your field in your resume and begin your resume with a summary that provides an overview of your experience. Here’s a five-minute trickyou can use to do this — just apply it for your field instead of a specific job.True story: In a past life I was a recruiter working inside a company. I hired a candidate on Friday who listed his resume on a Tuesday. I found him on Wednesday. Another recruiter contacted me about him on Thursday. Why? He had a unique, hard-to-find skill that employers search databases for all the time. He later called it, “the easiest job search I ever had.”
  3. Set your watch and update your resume — at least every 30 days.When employers look at resumes, the ones that were submitted most recently come up first. (Generally, employers have the option to view resumes that have been submitted within 7 days, 30 days, and 30 – 90 days. Since they want to focus on candidates they know are still available for work, they tend to focus most only on the resumes submitted within the last week first — and then on the pile that’s come in over the last 30 days.Want to stay at the top of the search results? All you need to do is go in and change one word in your resume, then repost this. Keep track of your resumes, update your listings every 28 days or so — and your information will stay current so you can be found.

That’s all there is to it. Try it out, and let us know how this works for you!