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Friday Wrap Up: Make Use of StartWire!

Our 5 part series on “The 5 Habits of Effective Job Seekers” aims to shed light on 5 important habits that will help job seekers become more effective in their job search. Ultimately, StartWire is a tool you can use to adapt these habits.

So to conclude our 5 part series, we’re spending some time on the question: How does StartWire work?

For those who want a better understanding of what StartWire offers, we compiled a visually appealing and easy way to grasp StartWire’s cool functions!

ONE: Application
  • Comb through job boards or StartWire’s databases for jobs.  Find positions that interest you and apply!
  • When you receive that ‘thanks for applying’ email, forward that email to apps@startwire.com.

  • Alternatively, you can add a job through the “Track a New Application” bar on our homepage.


TWO: Visual Organization
  • Job Search is stressful enough, but disorganization, along with clutter makes it more stressful.  We’re here to organize for you.  Now you’ll have one place to view all the jobs you’ve applied to!
  • Furthermore, it’s color coded to show you your chances of getting the job based on the amount of people who’ve applied to the same position.
  •  Green indicates better chances, whereas red represents positions with a higher number of applicants.  This give you a basis to adjust your expectations on whether you have heavy or light competition.

THREE: Notification
  • We’ll constantly be tracking these positions, so that you’ll receive automatic updates on the status of your jobs.  You can receive these updates through email, but even through a text if you prefer!

FOUR: Recommendations
  • We know that combing through jobs after jobs to find good matches can be very time consuming.  So we make this process easier for you by providing actual recommendations! We base these recommendations from positions you’ve applied to and previous positions you’ve searched for.

FIVE: Networking help
  • You can find who you know from the companies you’ve applied to.  You’ll have an insider in that company you can contact and ask for a referral.

SIX: Jobs
  • Since the main focus is jobs, we feature many of them!

We’re here as a service to all of you job seekers.  Let us know your thoughts, opinions, and how we can help you anytime you want.  Feel free to have a dialogue or join us on Facebook or Twitter.  We love talking to you! (And figuring out how we can ease your job search process!) -The StartWire Team

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