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Spend Your Downtime At Work Productively

If you have those days at work where you encounter downtime and wonder whether you should be taking a breather or not, keep in mind that your downtime can be used in productive ways.

We all need a break once in a while, but if you find yourself aimlessly ticking away your time, this is a sign that you can transform this time to be productive and even help you stand out at work.

Find out company goals and drive new initiatives

Knowing what your company is working towards gives you an idea of how to reorient your work to meet these goals. During your downtime, ask yourself, how does my specific work align with the company’s larger goals?1

If this answer is vague, drive new initiatives to position yourself in a role that contributes to these larger goals.

Doing so not only brings your current work into alignment with the company’s goals, but helps you stand out from the crowd. When your company’s goals are being met, they’ll most likely look around to see who took part in the process.

Help your coworkers and show your exemplary teamwork skills

Ask around and see if any of your coworkers need a hand. Doing so helps you build a network of coworkers who may help you out when you are in need of a hand. Furthermore, it shows your boss or supervisor that you have strong teamwork skills.

Plan Ahead

This advice is more common sense…If you have free time, use it to plan ahead! Set up an outline or collect materials you need for a future project.

Planning ahead can save you considerable time once a project begins. This way, you’ll encounter less stress and may even have more downtime later on!

But now.. you know exactly what to do with this new downtime. Keep these tips in mind and you might find that sometimes it’s the little things that take you further in your career.

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