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Company Overview: PetSmart

About PetSmart

Retail, Pet store
Number of stores:
$6 billion+ (2012)
Phoenix, AZ
Robert F. Moran
With more than 1,200 stores, PetSmart is one of the leading suppliers of pet supplies and services in the United States.

How to Apply For a Job at PetSmart

You can search for PetSmart jobs and apply online directly through We'll even track where and when you applied, so you can keep your job search as organized as possible. Search for a PetSmart job and Apply now
Apply online
If you would rather search and apply for jobs directly through PetSmart's website, you can do that as well. If you choose that option, don't forget to come back to StartWire and tell us about it so we can help you keep things organized. Track your jobs Read on for tips on filling out your PetSmart application.

The PetSmart Job Application Process

The PetSmart job application is pretty simple and straightforward. From start to finish, you shouldn't need to spend more than 30 minutes or so on the application process. To start out, you will need to select the position you want to have and the store you're interested in working at. Unfortunately, it isn't possible to apply for multiple positions or multiple locations at the same time -- you will have to fill out an additional application, instead.
Create an Account
With the position and store selected, you will have to create an account on their hiring site. Creating an account is simple, though you will need to provide your name, address, phone number, and social security number. Once your account is created, you will have to answer a series of questions that are designed to familiarize you with the responsibilities of the job. These questions are a great way for you to learn a little about what it's like to work for the company, and what kind of things you might be able to expect on the job. Here are a few example questions: "What type of pet do you have the most experience personally caring for in a work or non-work environment, including tasks such as bathing, feeding, administering medications, maintaining habitats and grooming?" "How comfortable are you with using suggestive selling techniques with customers (e.g., suggesting additional or similar products to customers in order to gain additional sales)? You'll then have to go through a long section that asks you questions about your availability. They'll ask you a lot of questions about the shifts you can work, if you have any vacation plans coming up, if you're willing to work overnight, and how many hours you're available each week. Obviously, they want to hire people who are very flexible, so if you have any flexibility in your schedule you should do your best to show that. At the very end of the application, you will have an opportunity to upload your resume or connect your LinkedIn profile. If you have a resume or a professional profile on LinkedIn, you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity. It's hard to stand out with a job application alone, and these profiles give you an opportunity to show them how you're different from the rest.
Background check
During the application process, you will need to give PetSmart permission to perform a pre-employment background check.
Drug test
PetSmart also reserves the right to administer a pre-employment drug screening. All employment offers are contingent upon passing this test.

How to Get Updates On Your PetSmart Job Application

Unfortunately, PetSmart does not provide automatic updates on job applications. To find out if you're still being considered for the position you've applied to, you will need to contact the hiring manager directly.

Who is PetSmart Hiring?

PetSmart is an equal opportunity employer. They do not consider gender, ethnicity, disability, or age when making their hiring decisions.
Jobs available at PetSmart
There are many different jobs available in PetSmart stores. Some of the most popular include store manager, operations manager, presentation manager, pet products manager, pet products associate, retail custodial associate, support manager, cashier, pet care manager, pet care associate, PetsHotel manager, guest service associate, pet care specialist, pet trainer, salon manager, pet stylist, and bather. Apply now There are also many positions available at PetSmart's headquarters and distribution centers. To stay up to date with the opportunities available in those areas, your best bet is to regularly check their hiring website.
Types of people PetSmart wants to hire
To learn about the exact type of person that PetSmart wants to hire for their positions, you should read the job descriptions very carefully. The descriptions contain many clues as to the values and qualities that they prefer their team members to have. Generally speaking, PetSmart wants to hire honest, hardworking, and motivated people who have a passion for pets and pet care. They also put a high value on customer service and sales skills, so you have any experience in those areas you should do your best to emphasize that on your application.

Business Summary

Robert F. Moran is the CEO of PetSmart.
In 2012, PetSmart reported more than $6 billion in revenue, with over $290 million in profits. The company has over $2.5 billion in assets, and stockholders have $1.1 billion of equity in the company.
The first PetSmart was opened in 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona. The original name of the store was PetFood Warehouse, though it was changed by PETsMART in 1989 (it wasn't until 2005 that the name was changed 'PetSmart,' as it is known today). PetSmart grew very quickly, and by 1993 it was a publicly traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange. Today, there are more than 1,200 PetSmart stores spread across the United States

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