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Company Overview: Michaels

About Michaels

Retail, Specialty
Number of stores:
$4.2 billion
Irving, TX
Chuck Rubin
Michaels is a retail chain that specializes in selling arts and crafts products. There are more than 1,000 Michaels stores spread across the United States and Canada. The company employs more than 43,000 people.

How to Apply For a Job at Michaels


You can search and apply for Michaels jobs directly through StartWire. When you apply through us, we'll provide you with instant access to a suite of free tools that will help you keep your job search as organized and efficient as possible. Apply now

Apply online

If you prefer, you can also apply through the Michaels hiring website. If you choose to apply in this way, don't forget to come back and tell us about your application so we can help you keep your job search organized.

The Michaels Application Process

Before you can start the online Michaels application, you will need to enter your zip code and select the distance that you would be willing to travel to go to work each day. This will bring up a list of stores in your area. Michaels gives you the opportunity to apply to multiple stores at the same time, which is a great feature. Once you select the stores you would be interested in working at, you will be able to select the jobs that you're interested in. Again, you can apply to multiple positions at a time, which is a very welcome feature. For the sake of this application guide, we chose to apply for a sales associate position. Your experience may vary a little bit depending on the job you apply for.

After you select the position(s) that you're interested in, you will need to fill out a brief questionnaire. You will be asked what arts and crafts you are passionate about, why you love arts and crafts, what customer service means to you, and more. Some of the fields are free-form, where you will have the chance to write in your own answers. Take your time with your answers here, as this is your chance to stand out and make a positive impression. You don't want to rush.

The application

With all of the preliminary information out of the way, it's time to start the Michaels' job application. The application itself is only one page, and very closely resembles a paper application. You will be asked to provide the following information, so make sure that you have it prepared before you start: Name, address, phone number, email address, schedule availability, skills, employment history, education, social security number, birthday, drivers license number, and previous addresses (if applicable).

If you take the time to prepare all of your information beforehand, it should take you no more than 10-15 minutes to complete this phase of the application process.


At this point in the application process, you will be required to take an assessment. The assessment is very long (more than 200 questions), and will probably take you about 45 minutes to complete. Before you begin the assessment, make sure that you are in a quiet place and will be able to work uninterrupted for the duration of the assessment.

The assessment is designed to help Michaels learn more about you so they can determine if you would make a good fit for their team. We wish they could make that determination without asking 200 questions, but so it goes.

To give you an idea of what to expect from the assessment, here are a few example questions:

"Changing work hours or shifts would not bother me."

"When I make a promise, you can count on it."

"I try to be very logical when solving work problems."

It's important to be honest, and don't be afraid to answer the questions strongly. For example, would you rather hire someone who would never steal, or someone who doesn't know if they would steal? Don't back down from how you really feel -- neutral answers won't get you very far.

If you get stuck on a question or you aren't quick sure how to answer it, just take a minute to think about why they've chosen to ask that question. What are they trying to learn about you?

Background check

During the application process, Michaels will ask your permission to perform a pre-employment background check. If you decline, you will be unable to complete the application. Any employment offers you receive are contingent upon passing the background check.

Drug test

You must also consent to a pre-employment drug screening. If you don't pass the drug test, any employment offer you receive will be rescinded.

How to Get Updates on Your Michaels Application

Michaels does not provide automatic application updates at this time. If you have applied for a position and would like to know where you stand, you will need to contact the hiring manager directly.

Who is Michaels Hiring?

Michaels is an equal opportunity employer.

Jobs available at Michaels

In Michaels stores, they are always hiring cashiers, certified framers, class instructors, department managers, floral designers, replenishment associates, sales associates, and store managers. There are also job opportunities available in their distribution centers and corporate headquarters. Check back regularly to learn about new positions as they become available. Search jobs

Types of people Michaels wants to hire

Michaels wants to hire people who are passionate about arts and crafts and the Michaels brand. Having previous retail experience is also preferred. As an organization, Michaels places a lot of value on sales and customer service skills. If you have any relevant experience in those areas, it would be a good idea to emphasize them as much as you can on your application.

Age requirements

You must be at least 18 years old to work at Michaels.

Business Summary


Michaels is owned by Bain Capital, Blackstone Group, and Highfields Capital Management. The CEO of Michaels is Chuck Rubin.


Michaels is a privately owned company. It's estimated that they earned $4.2 billion in revenue and $176 million in net income in 2011.

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