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Company Overview: Barnes and Noble

About Barnes and Noble

Retail, Book store
Number of stores:
$7 billion (2012)
New York, NY
William J. Lynch, Jr.
Barnes and Noble is one of the largest booksellers in North America, with 689 stores spread across all 50 US states. The company also operates more than 650 college bookstores at campuses across the country.

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Who is Barnes and Noble Hiring?

Barnes and Noble is an equal opportunity employer, and they pride themselves on hiring people from all genders, races, ages, backgrounds, and belief systems.
Jobs available at Barnes and Noble
There are many different types of positions available in each Barnes and Noble store. Some of the most common jobs include cashiers, book sellers, receivers, cafe servers, music sellers, assistant managers, and store managers. There are also many positions available at Barnes and Noble headquarters in New York City. As in any large office, there are too many jobs there to count. Whether you want to work in customer service, accounting, sales, business development, or web development, there is most likely a position there that would make a good fit for you. Search Barnes and Noble Jobs
Types of people Barnes and Noble wants to hire
If you read through the job description of any Barnes and Noble position, you'll realize that the company places a high value on customer service, leadership skills, and teamwork. Throughout the application and interview process, you should make sure to emphasize those qualities wherever applicable. Doing so can make you look like a great fit for the company, and may improve your chance of employment.
Age requirements
You have to be at least 16 years old to work in Barnes and Noble. However, the exact age requirement may vary depending on the position you're applying for.

Business Summary

Barnes and Noble was founded by Charles Barnes, William Barnes, and G. Clifford Noble. Today, it's lead by William Lynch (CEO), Leonard Riggio (Chairman), Steve Riggio (Vice Chair), and Mitchell Klipper (CEO of Retail).
Barnes and Noble is a public company. In 2012, they reported $7 billion in revenue, with a net income of $73 million. The company has $3.6 billion in assets, with a total equity of $820 million.
When Barnes and Noble was founded as a book printing business in 1873, and that remained the core of its business until 1917. It was then that William Barnes (son of the original founder) went into business with G. Clifford Noble and decided to open a book store in New York City. The store was a success, and in 1971 it was sold to Leonard Riggio, who grew the business through expansion. Through a series of acquisitions (most notably that of B. Dalton in 1987), Barnes and Noble was the second largest book retailer in the United States by 1999 (behind only The company has also found a successful business operating the bookstores of more than 600 colleges in the United States. These bookstores are found on college campuses, and normally sell college apparel and school books, in addition to their traditional book selection. The internet era hasn't been especially kind to many booksellers, but Barnes and Noble has adapted through the sale of it's electronic book reader, the Nook. The Nook has been an incredibly successful device for the company, and has set it up to be a major player for years to come.

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