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Company Overview: The Home Depot

About The Home Depot

Retail, Home improvement
Number of stores:
$70.39 billion (2012)
Cobb County, GA
Frank Blake
In terms of revenue, The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the United States With locations in every state, chances are good that there is a Home Depot store hiring in your area.

How to Apply For a Job at Home Depot

You can use StartWire to search for and apply for jobs at The Home Depot. If you’re applying for a corporate position, we can even provide you with application updates that will let you know if your application has been read, and whether or not you’re still being considered for the position. Search for a Home Depot job and Apply now
Apply Online
If you’d rather search and apply for jobs directly through The Home Depot, you’re certainly welcome to do that – you can still use StartWire to track your application status. The Home Depot has one of the better application systems out there, as you’re able to apply to multiple positions at multiple stores at the same time. This can be a real time-saver, and can help give you the best chance of getting the job.
All Home Depot locations are equipped with kiosks that you can use to fill out your electronic application. Applying in-store provides no direct advantages over applying online, and the application is identical. However, for those without a computer or a reliable internet connection, using the kiosks can be a great option. Plus, you may have an opportunity to make a personal connection with a hiring manager.

The Home Depot Job Application Process

Before you can apply to a job at The Home Depot, you must setup a user account. To create an account, you will need to have your social security number (be sure to have it handy), and setup a pair of security questions. The process is very quick, and should take you no more than a minute or so to complete. You can apply to multiple locations, and you’re able to store all jobs you’re interested in in your job cart. Additionally, you can apply to as many positions you like at the same time. This is a huge time saver, and makes Home Depot one of the most applicant-friendly companies out there.
Application sections
The application starts out by requesting your personal information, including your address, phone number, education history, employment history, and schedule / wage preferences. In this section you will also be asked to select the skills that you have that are relevant for different positions you’ve applied for. This can take a lot of time if you’re applying for multiple positions, but it’s a very important section. Make sure that you read each option carefully, as having the right work skills is essential to getting the job. At one point in the process, they will ask you for your driver’s license number. It isn’t mandatory to provide it, but if you want to share it, you can. It’s unclear why Home Depot wants this information, though it may be as a means to verify that you are able to get to work reliably. Unless you have something on your record that you would rather they not discover, it can’t hurt to provide it.
After you complete the first section of your application, you will have to take an assessment. The Home Depot requires the assessment to help them learn more about you as a person, so they can determine if you’d make a good fit for their company. The assessment is approximately 50 questions long, and will likely take you at least 20 minutes to complete. As tempting as it is to rush through the assessment, be sure to take your time and do your best to remain alert – it’s very important to choose your answers carefully. The first part of the assessment is focused on learning more about your relevant skills and abilities. You will be asked about your retail experience, your home improvement experience, and how well you’re able to perform certain functions (using a cash register, hand tools, woodworking, etc) .You’ll have to rank each skill on a 5 point scale that ranges from Beginner to Expert. Next, you will move on to another assessment section that seeks to learn more about your work habits and professional attitude. There are five possible answers for each question, ranging from ‘strongly agree’ to ‘strongly disagree.’ Here are a couple example questions, to give you an idea of how it works: "I am often complimented on my work habits." "If my day starts out bad, there is usually no way to change it."
Mathematical Tests
Throughout the assessment, you will be asked some questions that are designed to test your math skills. For example: "Plywood is sold in rectangle sheets 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. How many 4x8 sheets of plywood are needed to completely cover a rectangle shaped floor measuring 16 feet by 12 feet?" If it's been awhile since you've had to solve problems like those, take a little time to brush up on your math skills before you start the application process.
Drug Test & Background Check
If you do well in the interview, you will be asked to do a drug test and a background check. Any job offer you receive will be contingent on passing both of those screenings.

How to Get Updates on Your Home Depot Job Application

If you’re applying for a corporate position at Home Depot, you can get job application updates through your StartWire account. Updates on in-store applications are unavailable at this time. Sign up now

Who is The Home Depot Hiring?

The Home Depot is an equal opportunity employer. They hire people of all ages, genders, religious beliefs, and races.
Jobs available at The Home Depot
There are many positions available in Home Depot stores, and they are grouped in the following categories: Sales associates, lot associates, cashiers, and freight team. Sales associates normally work in one or a few departments, where they have a specialized knowledge of the products offered. For example, someone with a background in carpentry would make a great sales associate for the power tools and lumber sections, but maybe not the best associate for home appliances or home wiring. Corporate jobs are very diverse, and include opportunities in many different departments. Whether you’re an accountant, programmer, logistician, or executive, chances are good you can find a position that’s relevant for your interests and abilities. Search jobs
Types of people Home Depot wants to hire
Home Depot wants to hire people who are knowledgeable and passionate about home improvement. They also want to hire honest and dependable people who are able to work well on a team, work independently, treat customers well, and follow the rules defined by management and the corporation. As you’re filling out the application, taking the assessments, and participating in an interview, it would be a good idea to emphasize the qualities above to give yourself the best chances of success.
Age requirements
You must be at least 18 years old to work at Home Depot.

Business Summary

The Home Depot was founded by Pat Farrah, Ron Brill, Arthur Blank, and Bernie Marcus. The current Chairman and CEO is Frank Blake.
In 2012, The Home Depot earned over $70 billion in revenue. They had a net income of $3.8 billion, assets totaling $40.5 billion, and a total equity of $17.89 billion.
The Home Depot was founded in 1978, with the goal of building the largest home improvement stores found anywhere. The first stores were opened in Atlanta, and it wasn’t long before the company expanded into other markets as well. Today, there are more than 2,200 Home Depot locations spread across every state, Mexico, Canada, China, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Since Frank Blake took over the role of CEO in 2007, The Home Depot has put a renewed emphasis on customer service and employee satisfaction. The results have been positive, and The Home Depot is now considered one of the best retailers to work for.

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