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Company Overview: Whole Foods Market

About Whole Foods Market

Retail, Grocery store
Number of stores:
$9 billion (2010)
Austin, TX
John Mackey and Walter Robb
Whole Foods Market is a grocery store chain that specializes in providing natural and organic products. The company has won many workplace awards, and is typically considered one of the best retailers to work for.

How to Apply For a Job at Whole Foods Market

You can use StartWire to search and apply for jobs at Whole Foods. We'll even provide you with automatic updates on your application, so you'll know when it's been read and if you're still being considered for the position you've applied for. Search for a Whole Foods job and Apply now
Apply online
If you would rather search and apply for jobs directly through the Whole Foods hiring website, you can certainly do so. Just make sure to log into your StartWire account once you're finished so we can help you keep your job search organized.
Most Whole Foods stores are equipped with computer kiosks that you can use to fill out your application in-store. The kiosk application is no different than the one you'll find online, but by going into the store you just might be able to make a positive personal connection that could help you get the job. It's also a great service for those who may not have a computer or a reliable internet connection.
Paper application
If the store you want to apply at does not have a computer kiosk, you will be able to obtain a paper application by stopping at the customer service desk. Make sure to dress well and bring a copy of your resume and cover letter with you.

The Whole Foods Job Application Process

The Whole Foods online application is pretty simple, and should take you no longer than 30 minutes to complete (assuming you've already taken the time to create a cover letter and resume beforehand). After you select the store and position that you'd like to apply for, you will have to create an account on their hiring site. Doing so is very simple (you just need an email address and a password), and it should take you only a minute or so to do.
Page 1
After you create an account, the application begins. To start, you will be asked to upload a resume and a cover letter. Uploading these files is not mandatory, but providing those documents can help you stand out. After all, it's pretty difficult to get your qualifications and personality to shine through when you're filling out a standard job application form. You will also be asked to provide your employment history, education, address, phone number, and a list of languages you speak. If you have taken any foreign language classes in school and are able to carry on a basic conversation, be sure to note that. Just don't exaggerate your abilities, as you'll most definitely be caught. During this section, you will also be able to select three of your top skills. The skills listed include things like customer service, cash handling, merchandising, cheese, and beer / wine. If there is a specific area of the store that you'd like to work in (the wine department, for example), this can be a good way for you to highlight some relevant knowledge in that area. You will also be able to apply for specific areas within the store. For every selection you make, you will be given a chance to tell them why you want to work in that department. This is your chance to demonstrate your relevant knowledge and experiences. Make sure that you put careful thought into your answers here, as they could determine whether or not they feel you're qualified to work in a specific area.
Page 2
The second (and final) page of the application is designed to collect your schedule availability, detailed employment history, and education. If you have a lot of employment history, this section can be very time-intensive. You can speed up the process considerably by taking the time to prepare that information beforehand.
Background check
During the application process, you will be asked to submit to a 'consumer report.' The consumer report is essentially a background check that will provide Whole Foods with your employment history, education, and criminal history.
Drug test
You will also be asked to submit to a drug test. Drug tests are not given to every employee, but they are given to employees who will work with or around heavy machinery. Tests are administered before employment begins, as well as at random intervals while employed.

How to Get Updates on Your Whole Foods Job Application

If you use StartWire to apply for a job at Whole Foods Market, we'll automatically track your application status. You'll learn when your application is read, and if you're still being considered for the position you've applied for. Sign up now

Who is Whole Foods Market Hiring?

Whole Foods is an equal opportunity employer. They do not consider age, gender, ethnicity, or disability while making their hiring decisions.
Jobs available at Whole Foods Market
There are many different positions available in Whole Foods stores. Some of the most popular positions include team members, team leaders, store support, store team leaders, and associate team leaders. To learn more about the responsibilities and requirements for each position, you should take a look at the job descriptions. Search jobs There are also many opportunities available at Whole Foods global headquarters and regional offices. The best way to stay informed about those positions is to regularly visit the Whole Foods career site.
Types of people Whole Foods wants to hire
Whole Foods Market wants to hire people who have interests and values that align with their corporate philosophy. You should have a passion for organic and natural foods, and feel that working there would have a positive impact on your community. You should also keep in mind that the company places a huge value on customer service, so you should always do your best to emphasize the skills and experience that you have in that area. Of course, the ideal candidate will look a little bit different depending on the position you're interested in. Be sure to read the job description very carefully, and adjust your resume, cover letter, and interview techniques accordingly.
Age requirements
You must be at least 16 years old to work at Whole Foods Market, though the exact age requirements vary from position to position.

Business Summary

John Mackey and Walter Robb are Co-CEOs at Whole Foods. John Elstrott is the Chairman, and Jason Buechel is CIO.
In 2010, Whole Foods Market reported over $9 billion in revenue, with $438 million in operating income. They had $2.3 billion total equity, and $3.9 billion in total assets.
In 1978, John Mackey (currently co-CEO) borrowed $45,000 from friends and family to open a natural foods store. The original name for the store was 'SaferWay,' a name that they kept for two years. It wasn't until 1980, when their store merged with another grocery store, that the name 'Whole Foods Market' was used for the first time. In 1984, Whole Foods started to expand outside of Austin, TX. They were able to expand very rapidly by acquiring other natural foods stores. By 1999, there were over 100 Whole Foods Market locations in the United States. Today, there are more than 330 Whole Foods locations.

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