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Company Overview: Macy's

About Macy's

Retail, Department stores
Number of stores:
$24.89 billion (2009)
Cincinnati, OH
Terry J. Lundgren
With nearly 800 locations, Macy’s is one of the largest and most successful department stores in the United States. Keeping such a large business running requires thousands of dedicated employees, and Macy’s is always hiring in both in their retail stores and corporate offices.

How to Apply for a Job at Macy’s

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Apply online
If you’d prefer to search and apply directly through Macy’s, you can do so by visiting the Macy's hiring site.
All Macy’s stores are equipped with computer kiosks that you can use to apply for a job. The application process is the same as it is on, and you will receive no special benefits by applying in the store. However, if you don’t have a computer or reliable access to the internet, these kiosks provide a great way for you to apply.

The Macy’s Job Application Process

The first thing you’ll have to do when you apply to Macy’s is create a user account. From there, you’ll need to search positions and choose one before you can apply. You can only apply to one position at a time, but one nice thing about the Macy’s job search process is that you can save all the positions you’re interested in to your job cart, where you can view all your options together before deciding which position you’d like to apply to. It might not save you a lot of time, but it's a nice organizational tool that most employers don't offer. The Macys job application process is very straightforward, and will be familiar to you if you’ve ever applied for a job online before. Before you start, be sure to have your work availability, employment history, and education information prepared (you will need all of it). If you prepare all of your education and employment history beforehand, you should be able to complete the entire application process within 30 minutes. At the end of the job application, you will have an opportunity to upload files (references, cover letters, transcripts, etc). These are not required, but can help you stand out.
Background check
During the application process, you will need to give Macy’s permission to perform a background check on you. It’s unlikely that they will perform background checks on every entry level employee, but it’s very likely that management and corporate employees will be subjected to background checks. Regardless, it’s important to provide on accurate information on your application – inaccuracies can be easily discovered through this process.
If you already have a resume on hand, you can save yourself a lot of time by uploading it directly to Macy’s during the application process. They’ll pull out the important parts of information, and use it to fill in many of the application fields for you.

How to Get Updates on Your Macy’s Application

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Who is Macy’s Hiring?

Macy’s hires people from all walks of life, and they pride themselves on their dedication to hiring people from all types of backgrounds. If you walk into any Macy’s, you’ll see employees of different races, ages, and genders.
Jobs available at Macy’s
There are hundreds of different positions available at Macy’s. In their stores, some of their most popular jobs are in management, customer service, sales, merchandising, loss prevention, and cosmetics. In the corporate offices, Macy’s offers an even more diverse set of positions. Whether your background is in sales, design, marketing, accounting, management, data entry, or customer service, there is most likely a position at Macy’s that would be interesting to you. Search jobs
Types of people Macy’s wants to hire
Macy’s wants to hire honest and hardworking people who work well on a team and are able to follow directions well. They also want to hire people who will be proud to work at Macy’s, and have gone out their way to learn about the company, its culture, and its values. Before going in for an interview, you should read about their company at (and expect to be asked at least a couple questions related to the information you find there).
Age requirements
You need to be at least 18 years old to work at Macy’s.

Business Summary

Terry J. Lundgren is the CEO, President, Director, and Chairman of the Board at Macy’s.
In 2009, Macy’s reported $24.89 billion in revenue, with $893 million in net income.
Macy’s was founded in 1951 by Rowland Hussey Macy. The first store was opened in Haverhill Massachusetts – and it failed. But Macy tried again, and in 1858 he opened a new store in New York City. This store was successful, and was the beginning of what would eventually become one of the largest department store chains in the United States.

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