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Company Overview: Kmart

About Kmart

Retail, Department stores
Number of stores:
1,307 (2010)
$15.59 billion (2010)
Hoffman Estates, IL
Louis D'Ambrosio
Kmart is one of the largest retailers in the United States, with more than 1,300 stores in 49 states. It takes a lot of people to keep that many stores running, and Kmart is always looking for more people to help their company grow.

How to Apply For a Job at Kmart

We recommend that you use StartWire to find and apply for jobs at Kmart. Not only can we help you apply more quickly, we can also provide you with application updates that will let you know when your application has been read or if you’re still being considered for the position you’ve applied for. Search for a Kmart job and Apply now
Apply Online
If you prefer, you can apply directly through Kmart’s hiring website and still use StartWire to track your application status. With that said, there are a couple very important notes to make about Kmart’s online application system: 1. You can only apply to one job at a time. 2. You can only apply to one store at a time. So if you apply to one store today and another store tomorrow, your application will be removed from consideration at the first store. So be sure to choose your location wisely.
All Kmart stores are equipped with kiosks that you can use to fill out an application. These kiosks provide you with applications that are identical to the ones that you can access online, so you won’t get any special benefits by applying in the store. However, using the kiosks is a great option if you don’t have access to a computer or a reliable internet connection.

The Kmart Application Process

Compared to most online applications, the Kmart job application is pretty long. From start to finish, you should expect to spend at least 45 minutes completing the application process. With that said, Kmart does offer to connect with your LinkedIn or Facebook account to help you fill in some of the information more quickly. If you have a LinkedIn profile, that would be the best choice. Since your relevant employment history should already be there, they can easily access it and pull it into their system. The first section of the Kmart job application is focused on gathering your basic personal information – your name, address, education, employment history, and things of that nature. Take some time to make sure that everything is accurate (including the employment and education dates). Accuracy is very important. After you provide your personal information, Kmart requires you to take an assessment that they use to determine whether or not you’re a good fit for their company. The assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete.
The assessment is basically a test in which you’re asked a series of behavioral questions. Though there are no ‘wrong’ answers, it’s important to know that answering certain questions the wrong way will disqualify you from consideration. Answer carefully. Kmart’s goal behind the assessment is to understand who you are as a person, so they can determine whether or not you’d make a good fit for their company. While it’s true that the assessment isn’t a perfect tool for the job, from their point of view, it’s better than nothing. You can expect to answer some questions about your professional experiences and preferences (do you prefer to set your own goals or be told by your manager what to do?), as well as hypothetical questions (if your manager is stealing, is it ok for you to do so as well?). Be sure to give each question careful thought. Though you should answer honestly, don’t forget to consider what the employer is trying to learn about you by asking each question. Which answer makes you seem like the best employee? Also, when it comes to answering the questions, don’t be shy. If you answer the questions strongly (I would always do that, or I would never do that), you’ll have a much better chance of success than someone who selects neutral or slightly neutral answers.
How long does Kmart keep your application on file?
Kmart holds all applications on file for 60 days. If the 60 day period comes and goes and you haven’t heard back, you will have to submit another application to be considered for a future opening.
Drug Test
While you’re filling out the application, Kmart will ask for your permission to administer a pre-employment drug test. If you don’t agree, you will not be able to complete the application. All employment offers are contingent on passing the screening.
Background Check
Kmart will also ask for your permission to conduct a background check. Declining the request will instantly disqualify you from consideration, and any employment offer you may later receive will require passing the screening.

How to Get Updates on Your Kmart Application

The easiest way to get application updates is to register with StartWire and use our tools to manage your applications. Then we’ll be able to let you know when your resume is read and whether or not you’re still in consideration for the position. Sign up now

Who is Kmart Hiring?

Kmart is an equal opportunity employer with a great history of diverse hiring practices. Walk into any Kmart store, and you’ll find employees of different ages, genders, races, belief systems, and orientations.
Jobs available at Kmart
Kmart stores are always looking for cashiers, sales people, pharmacy technicians, automotive technicians, managers, and stock clerks. There are also opportunities available in the distribution centers and corporate offices. In the corporate office (at Sears Holding Corporation), there are positions available in IT, accounting, management, business development, programming, design, and many more that are too numerous to list here. Search jobs

Types of people Kmart wants to hire

Obviously, Kmart wants to hire honest, dependable, and hardworking people. But the exact qualities they are looking for will vary from position to position. To learn exactly the type of person that Kmart wants to hire for a given job, we suggest reading the job description very closely. There are almost always hints there that will help you discover the types of qualities they’re really looking for in their employees.
Age requirements
You have to be at least 16 years old to work in Kmart stores. Jobs in distribution centers and warehouses -- or any other position that requires the use of heavy equipment or heavy lifting have a minimum age requirement of 18.

Business Summary

Kmart was founded by Sebastian S. Kresge. The current CEO is Louis D’Ambrosia. He is also the CEO of Sears Holding Corporation, which also owns the Sears brand.
Kmart earned an estimated $15.59 billion in revenue in 2010.

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