April 28, 2014
New March Data Reveals Positive Growth in Overall Job Seeker Confidence with a Significant Jump in Healthcare
March 18, 2014
StartWire's newly released metrics on job seeker confidence reflect harsh realities of job market on long-term seekers.
February 17, 2014
New metrics on job seeker confidence level add data-driven dimension to national debate on the economy and labor market.
January 6, 2014
New annual ranking highlights employers who proactively provide feedback to job seekers on their applications. AT&T tops list for excellence in candidate communication.
October 16, 2013
StartWire, America's #1 Job Search Organizer, Shows Strong, Rapid Growth Backed By Happy Users
October 02, 2013
Tracker Automatically Records Viewed Job Postings and Completed Applications; Rave Reviews for Intuitive Functionality
April 30, 2013
New Features and One-of-a-Kind Application Update Technology Drive Rapid Growth by Addressing Job Seeker Pain Points
January 17, 2013
Award-Winning Job Search Organizer Receives Backing from Baird Venture Partners to Accelerate Product and User Growth
October 9, 2012
StartWire ApplicationConnect Celebrates Human Resource Executive® HR Product of the Year Award for Connecting Employers with Job Seekers.
July 16, 2012
ApplicationConnect Eases Burden and Reduces Risk of Brand Damage for Corporations with Free Real-Time Automated Widget
March 21, 2012
New Webinar Series Reveals Secret to Finding a Job is to Make the Top 10 Applicant List.
January 10, 2012
Research Shows a Staggering 90 Percent of Job Seekers Want More Transparency on Application Status.
October 4, 2011
Startwire™, a web-based job search company, announced today it has closed a $3.25M Series A financing round led by Baird Venture Partners, the U.S. venture capital fund of Baird Private Equity.
June 13, 2011
New functionality makes that 'thanks for applying' email the key to closing the dreaded application black hole and getting hired.
"Just like TripIt.com brought order to chaos in the travel industry by allowing frequent flyers to organize and socialize their trips by simply emailing their disparate itineraries to plans@tripit.com, I believe this new release shows StartWire™ is doing the same in job search."
June 2, 2011
StartWire™ research study finds that 50% of new hires applied within first week of job posting.
"Once a hiring manager or recruiter does an initial pre-screen of candidates and makes an interview list, they rarely look back at applications that come in later. To optimize your chances, apply as soon as you see a job, and seek out an internal contact within the company who can put in a good word for you."
April 5, 2011
StartWire™ continues to close the 'black hole' with new release that include SMS updates on job applications and a major expansion of employer network.
"Job seekers hate the 'resume black hole'," says Chris Forman, CEO & Founder of StartWire™. "Today's release builds on StartWire's ability to provide job seekers daily updates on their applications from most of the major employers in North America. By enabling SMS alerts and growing our employer network, we're pushing down the path to making the 'black hole' less dark."
March 21, 2011
New jobs platform allows job seekers to get daily updates on job applications from more than 1500 employers.
StartWire™, a start-up focused on radically improving job search, today announced the beta release of an application update engine that allows job seekers to get daily updates on their job applications from more than 1,500 employers.
January 10, 2011
New platform allows professionals to find work faster through private social collaboration and expert advice.
StartDate Labs, an incubator for innovative job search technology, today announced the beta release of StartWire™ - a free, social collaboration platform where friends and experts confidentially help job seekers find work.
December 6, 2010
"Job search is ripe for major change" says Chris Forman CEO of StartDate Labs. "Job seekers are structurally unhappy with the entire process... the lack of feedback, the inefficiency, the confusion. Combine this unhappiness with the maturation you are seeing in mobile, social, and applicant tracking technology and you have an inflection point where a few new ideas, well executed in technology, could radically change how people look for work. That's what we're aiming to do."