The Holiday Job Search: 3 Reasons Why You Should Keep Looking in December

November 27th, 2012 No comments

“There’s no reason to look for a job in December. Everyone’s out for holiday parties — who’s in the mood to work? With the exception of seasonal workers needed to ring up holiday sales, no one hires new employees between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.”

This week we’re here to dispel the myth that December is a terrible time to search for a new job. In fact, last week CNN Money career expert Anne Fisher penned an advice column entitled “Why the holidays are the best time to find a new job.” Want proof? Fisher cites a recent ExecuNet survey of recruiters that indicates Santa is not the only one making a list and checking it twice. A whopping 69% of recruiters report placing “as many, or even more, candidates in December as in any other month.”

Why do employers keep hiring? First, most American businesses don’t take a long winter’s nap until after the holidays. In fact, many recruiting firms and employers work round-the-clock to complete searches by the end of the calendar year — especially since the fiscal year for many organizations also ends December 31 and some have a “use the money or lose it” policy for hiring.

Throughout December, we will showcase best practices for holiday networking — with an eye for efficiency and fun so you can make the most of your time with family and friends. In the interim, here are three reasons why you shouldn’t give up your search in December.

1.  You have a better chance of beating out the competition.

Many job seekers temporarily suspend their job search until January; others make a New Year’s resolution to start looking for a job. In fact, places “getting a better job” as #4 on the list of top New Year’s resolutions made by Americans.

Just as the first people in line have a better chance of getting the limited number of super sale items on Black Friday, you can be first in line to apply for jobs that are open right now. (As a reminder, StartWire only lists jobs that are less than two weeks old; we can send you alerts of new positions — and we also have a new ExpressApply feature that eliminates the long application process so that you can apply for jobs in under 30 seconds!)

2.   Holiday events are a wonderful occasion to meet friends of friends — powerful networking connections.

You’ve heard it here before: On average, one out of every 33 candidates is going to get hired from an online source—such as a job board or a career site. If you are referred, your odds go up to one in four.

One of the best ways to get those referrals is through friends of friends — people often referred to as “weak ties.” Studies show weak ties are often likely to be one of the most effective leads for new jobs, especially since you are most likely to come “top of mind” if someone you just met and had a great conversation with is asked for a recommendation on who to hire for a job.

3.  Job search can be a stress buster.

From cooking, cleaning, and shopping to financial pressures and family drama, the holidays can be a stressful time. If you’re concerned about your career, taking the time to proactively seek out new friendships and opportunities can help reduce anxiety — since you know you’re proactively taking charge of your professional life.

These are three reasons why we believe it makes sense to keep looking in December. What are your thoughts?

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