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5 Tips to Get Ahead on Your Job Search

With Daylight Saving Time ending this Sunday, don’t forget that your clocks are turning an hour back!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. What that means to many of us is… an extra hour of sleep! What are you going to do with this extra hour?

If you’re in the midst of a job search and want to spend some of this hour to help you get ahead on your job search, read on for these quick and easy tricks.


Fluff up Your LinkedIn

Ask a contact for a LinkedIn recommendation and tell them exactly what you’d like mentioned within the recommendation. They will appreciate this as it’ll give them a better sense of what to write and you’ll get the recommendation you’re looking for. A win win on both ends.

Get Endorsed

Endorse hardworking coworkers or exemplary classmates on LinkedIn. They might return the favor and endorse you back.

Quantify Your Achievements

Go through your resume and see if you can quantify your achievements. For example, you boosted sales, but by how much? Instead, quantify your achievements, such as saying: I boosted sales 35% from last year.”

Track Your Job Search Easily

Add a nifty tool from StartWire to your browser that automatically saves your job applications – ones you’ve clicked on, ones you’ve applied to, and ones you want to bookmark for later. Also, get smart recommendations back based on the type of jobs you’ve been browsing.

Boost Your Chances of Hire

Apply to a job as soon as you see it posted. Don’t wait! The earlier you apply, the higher your chances of landing the job become. Read more on why it’s important to apply to fresh jobs.

Now that you’re armed with these quick tips, go ahead and enjoy your extra hour!


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