Happy New Year from StartWire!

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© Can Stock Photo Inc. / PaltoThe first week of the new year has come and gone! StartWire wishes health, happiness, and success to jobseekers and employers alike. Here’s to a great year.

Dos and Don’ts: When Yankee Swap Goes Bad

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© Can Stock Photo Inc. / AleutieMy mother once related to me a story of a Yankee swap gone awry: having gone first and at the mercy of her coworkers, she ended up with a first aid kit from the Ted, the weird guy in accounting.

Whether you’re stressing about the company party’s Yankee swap or still searching for a job, Christmas gifts are always a challenge to select. Never fear, for StartWire and friends have some ideas to help stoke the holiday cheer!

Jobs2Careers recently published a list of 25 sure-fire hits for when you’re stumped. You may even be tempted to get yourself a little something off this list!

If you’re of a more surreal bent, check out CareerBuilder’s list of some of the weirdest gifts exchanged at the workplace. Ceramic dress-up sheep for everyone!

Above all, a Christmas gift should be memorable. ThinkGeek is a great place for gifts to capture your nerdy fancy. A deep delve into the recesses of Amazon can also reveal some truly unusual Secret Santa presents.

A happy holidays from all here at StartWire, and don’t be like Ted (unless it’s hilarious)!

Job Search Intelligence for 2016

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What do a nurse, developer and truck driver have in common?

No, it’s not the setup to a corny punchline–they have the most in demand jobs of 2016.

According to a recent report by Fast Company, these three very different fields will be looking to hire in 2016. Healthcare workers, software developers, and truck drivers will be areas where industry trends could contribute to a hunger for more candidates.

Looking to make a career change in 2016? This new trend bodes well for those looking to change careers–a work history different than the requirements will make less of a difference.

This also is a positive development for job seekers new to the economy, who may find that the stringent requirements of job listings in recent memory will relax in their favor.

Read the full report for details, as well as the top 10 growing occupations for 2016.

Ready to organize your job search in 20016? Then we recommend checking out StartWire.

Happy Thanksgiving from StartWire!

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Turkey - ThanksgivingWith Thanksgiving approaching and heralding the holiday season, many job seekers grow discouraged and put their search on hold until the New Year. It makes sense at first–with people getting ready for the holidays, job seekers conclude that it’s nigh impossible to get in front of a hiring manager.

What if instead of putting your search on hold, you changed your tactics a bit?

The holidays are a fabulous time to network. With food and cheer aplenty, take advantage of the good feeling and tap into your personal and extended networks. Relatives, friends, and friends of friends can all be good sources of leads in this time. Who knows, a casual chat at Thanksgiving could blossom into a referral.

The relaxing of businesses’ schedules can also be used to your advantage. Now is a great time to set up an informal meeting or tour around a workplace. A recruiter’s slower inbox can mean your follow-up email is more likely to stick–and get a response. Even reaching out with a season’s greeting is a great move!

Above all, have a great Thanksgiving–eat some good food, spend some time with the family, and don’t go too crazy on Black Friday.

StartWire Appoints Andrew Katz as Executive Vice President and General Manager

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unnamedKatz Hired to Grow Company, Bring StartWire’s Innovative Job Search Organization and Outplacement Capabilities to New Markets

LEBANON, NH–(Marketwired – Nov 17, 2015) –  StartWire, America’s number one job search organizer, today announced that Andrew Katz, a highly accomplished leader in business development, marketing, customer success and digital operations, has joined the company as executive vice president and general manager. In this role, he is responsible for StartWire’s entire sales funnel, profit and loss statements, operational excellence and partnerships and for managing the company’s staff.

“StartWire strives to be the go-to place for candidates looking for their next career, and as we continue to grow and offer new capabilities, it is essential that we have the right leadership team in place to steer our efforts,” said Chris Forman, founder of StartWire. “Throughout his career, Andrew has demonstrated excellence in recruitment technology, building new sales channels, creating partnerships and leading organizations to success. We are thrilled to welcome him aboard and confident that his proven ability to drive positive results will open new doors and ensure StartWire’s ongoing growth and expansion.”

Since its inception in 2011, StartWire’s unique job search organization technology has helped more than 6 million job seekers improve how they find new opportunities. The company’s free service enables job seekers to organize their applications and receive automatic status updates from thousands of employers via text message and email, helping to remove the application black hole candidates typically encounter. In addition, the company recently announced the release of StartWire for Employers, a transformative solution to outplacement that enables companies to support displaced employees and help them find new career opportunities 30 percent faster than traditional outplacement methods.

As StartWire continues to build momentum, in terms of increasing its number of users and expanding its product functionality, the company sought a leader who could steer its current momentum and deliver continued success. Leveraging more than two decades as a senior-level executive in the HR and recruiting space, Katz brings the knowledge and experience to guide StartWire’s growth and bring the company’s solutions to new markets.

Prior to joining StartWire, Katz served as senior vice president of Global Business Development and Channel Partnerships for Findly. In this capacity, he established new sales channels globally and formulated technology and service partnerships with numerous enterprise clients and resellers. Katz previously spent 10 years at Bernard Hodes Group, starting as an account executive and advancing into several executive positions, including vice president of Sales, vice president of Branch Operations and senior vice president of Sales and Digital Media. He most recently served as senior vice president of Marketing and Digital Operations, in which he managed the company’s media and development teams and led its marketing and product development operations.

Katz received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and economics from Rutgers University. He is currently a member of the American Society for Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

“What drew me to StartWire is the company’s pioneering vision in improving the tedious and frustrating job search process and delivering a new approach to the costly and often ineffective outplacement process,” said Katz. “I am excited to join such a dynamic organization of individuals so committed to enhancing how people find jobs in today’s challenging landscape.”

About StartWire
StartWire is America’s number one job search organizer with more than 6 million members. Job seekers across the US turn to StartWire to close the “resume black hole” by receiving automatic status updates from thousands of employers. Since its inception, StartWire has received rave reviews and coverage in US News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, TechCrunch, Mashable, ERE, and Human Resource Executive. StartWire is headquartered near Dartmouth College in Lebanon, NH. For more information, visithttp://www.StartWire.com.

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A Salute From StartWire!

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StartWire thanks our veterans for their service!

Whether you’ve recently been discharged or last served years ago, looking for employment as a veteran is different than as a civilian. Companies are taking notice of the unique skills and battle-tested talent of veterans, and many seek to recruit our nation’s protectors after their service is done.

On April 13th, 2015, the Military Times released their ranking of the best employers for veterans. Major companies like Verizon, BAE, and Lockheed Martin all have sterling policies when it comes to recruiting and hiring veterans.

The whole list comprises a variety of fields and industries, including telecommunications, defense, energy, and even banking

No matter with what branch you served or your plans for civilian life, the perfect job is out there waiting for you!


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Rethinking Outplacement: StartWire’s New Free Service

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New Mindset

StartWire for Employers Outplacement Service Helps Displaced Employees Find Jobs 30% Faster

Traditional outplacement services, by which companies help their laid-off employees find new roles, simply don’t work. They are often expensive, meaning employers can’t always support each of their transitioning employees, and they offer mixed results. Moreover, many of today’s outplacement solutions are outdated, neglecting to capitalize on the new channels and technologies that can help transitioning employees find meaningful employment faster.

As factors like mergers and acquisition, down-sizing and corporate restructuring continue to occur, layoffs are a reality for many businesses. As such, the need to help their displaced employees is a pressing concern for these organizations. Recognizing the opportunity to transform what has traditionally been a costly, time-consuming process, StartWire, America’s number one job search organizer, developed an innovative new solution for employers to support displaced employees: StartWire for Employers.

A free service enabling employers to help their former employees find new opportunities and advance their careers, StartWire for Employers offers a pioneering approach to outplacement that delivers significant improvement over traditional methods. The service facilitates how companies support their displaced employees, connecting them with the tools and resources to prepare for the next stage of their careers and helping them find new jobs 30 percent faster.

“Similar to how Zenefits transformed HR administration by offering a free, cloud-based service to automate key HR processes, StartWire for Employers disrupts the traditional outplacement service model, delivering an affordable, more effective approach,” said Andrew Katz, executive vice president and general manager of StartWire. “This innovative solution provides the tools companies need to assist their valued former employees in finding meaningful employment much sooner. As a result, they can improve productivity and morale among current staff, enhance their employer brand and portray themselves as a company that cares.”

Built upon StartWire’s industry-leading job search organization platform, StartWire for Employers provides a robust approach to supporting employees as they look for their next opportunities. The solution includes a free automatic application tracking engine, online consultations with career coaching experts, job search optimization and a video library of training resources. Additional benefits for employees include optimized job search results delivered to their inbox and access to StartWire’s proprietary automatic application update engine, enabling updates on their applications from more than 12,000 companies.

In the coming months, StartWire will introduce additional premium services to support displaced employees, such as resume writing services, social profile services and professional development courses.

Additional information about StartWire for Employers can be accessed at: http://www.startwire.com/transition.

About StartWire
StartWire is America’s number one job search organizer with more than 6 million members. Job seekers across the US turn to StartWire to close the “resume black hole” by receiving automatic status updates from thousands of employers. Since its inception, StartWire has received rave reviews and coverage in US News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, TechCrunch, Mashable, ERE, and Human Resource Executive. StartWire is headquartered near Dartmouth College in Lebanon, NH. For more information, visit http://www.StartWire.com.


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Application Black Hole – How to Start Hearing Back

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8214124711_a9f6738627_nThe Application Black Hole

If you’re like most job seekers, as soon as you hit the apply button on a job, your brain is flooded with questions. “Did they get my resume?” “Where do I stand?” “Am I still in the running?”

This is the Application Black Hole – the bane of online job search.

Happily, StartWire can help.

We connect with the recruiting systems used by more than 12,000 companies we can let you know if they got your resume, if you are still in the running, or even if they want to chat about an interview.. We are adding more ‘supported’ companies every day.

Here’s how it works

Tell us where you have applied. If you’ve applied to company that is in our ‘blackhole’ network, we will let you know.  Just follow the online instructions and we’ll provide you with updates via email or text message.

All your information is safely organized at your StartWire account where you can also track applications on your own, and quickly print out your Job Search History Report with just a few clicks.

If you need help, reach out to us by clicking on Feedback and Support.

It’s time for you to conquer the Application Black Hole so get tracking!

If you don’t already have an account, head over to StartWire for your free account.

Why you should upload your resume?

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jobs 1

Get your resume out there

We know resumes. In fact, the team at StartWire has been in then recruiting and job search space for decades….literally decades. And there is nothing we love more than giving folks who join our Job Search community some insider knowledge to help you find a job faster.

Here’s one of those secrets: Recruiters search resume databases looking for candidates…everyday. Sometimes they don’t even post jobs…they just check the databases of large job sites looking for a candidate they can call immediately.

If you are not in these databases, you are missing out on opportunities! The problem is, there are just too many databases and each one can take forever to setup.

StartWire has the solution.

Once you upload your resume to StartWire, we will suggest verified sites. Choose the ones you want and we will take care of the rest.

It saves you time and gets your resume in front of recruiters faster. It is the quickest and simplest way to get hired. And it’s totally free.

If you need help, reach out to us by clicking on Feedback and Support.

So upload your resume today and increase your chances of being found!

To learn more about StartWire register today at www.startwire.com

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StartWire Launches Job Search Video Series

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Wondering where we have been?

At StartWire we have been hard at work bringing you the tools you need for a successful job search and to get hired fast. While we have the blog, we wanted to offer our job seekers something more. We wanted to give everyone the knowledge of what is happening behind the scenes during the recruiting and hiring process.

So we came up with a set of Videos that are now live on the StartWire site – www.startwire.com/videos. Unlike other sites that charge you for this information, we thought the best way to help someone during one of the most stressful time in their lives would be to let them know we are truly here to help.

In the upcoming blogs, I’m going to discuss some of the topics found in the videos around your resume, networking, search tips and interviewing.

We tried to pack as much information in the videos as possible but we know that there is so much more. So we’ll use the blog to expand on some of these topics.

Look for videos on interviewing and networking to go live later this summer.

Do you have any questions or thoughts on these strategies? What’s worked for you? Let us know!