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"I love that StartWire gives me an instant view of all my open opportunities. It helps me see which positions are still advertised, and who I need to follow up with to make my next great career move. Thanks for this handy tool."
Jeff S.
Job Seeker
"StartWire is easy to use, easy to learn, and an essential time-saving resource for any job hunter."
Allen W.
Job Seeker
"I feel reinvigorated! StartWire gave me a new direction for my job search and presented new opportunities, even when I thought I'd thoroughly searched in my area."
Jen B.
Job Seeker
"StartWire is game-changing. It empowers job seekers to have knowledge about their candidacy that they would not otherwise have; knowledge that was once considered impossible to unearth."
Laura A.
Interviewing Coach
"I really like the idea behind the website. Before it was so much of a hassle to recall identifiers and passwords from various companies I had applied to. I really like the immediacy of StartWire."
Matthew C.
User Experience Designer
"WOW! This is a very helpful tool that does what it says it does."
Job Seeker
"You have created a great app. I have an interview as a result of being found by a recruiter. Another recruiter made contact today. Two thumbs up!"
Brian B.
Job Seeker
"StartWire is Stellar. I really needed StartWire to keep track of the calls."
Job Seeker
"I tried out and I'm very impressed with it's functionality, versatility, lack of bugs/errors, and that it's FREE! So far, I haven't found a single problem, disadvantage, or reason not to use it."
Brent B.
Career Coach
"This has been so great for me. I apply online for many different jobs and with StartWire keeping track of them, it helps me so much."
Job Seeker
"The user interface is absolutely simple and easy to maneuver through and I actually enjoyed the tutorials and videos that led me through the application process. I look forward to making more applications and garnering information from your site."
Job Seeker
"I would like to let you know that I am very impressed with your website! I can't believe this is FREE!!"
Doug S.
Job Seeker