Dishwasher - Hoss's

Hoss's Steak and Sea House York, PA
Status: Non‑Exempt Hourly

Supervisor: Kitchen Supervisor (Direct Supervisor) or Shift Manager

Job Classification: Food Service

At Hoss's; our dish crew ensures that every guest has a safe and healthy dining experience by providing them with clean, sanitized dishes and utensils, and clean and sanitized bussed tables.


* Guests' health and safety are #1 priority.

* Ensures guest satisfaction through interaction and coordination with all departments, levels and functions within the store. Support all fellow crew member's efforts and treats each other with the mutual respect necessary to promote a pleasant and efficient working environment.

* Maintain a clean and professional appearance that reflects the Hoss's brand and culture.

* Comply with all Hoss quality, service, operational, safety and sanitation standards.

* Ensures the proper operation of cleaning equipment to provide guests and crew members with properly sanitized dishes and equipment.

* Smiles and interacts with both the guests and crew professionally. Has a service attitude.

* Ensures that every plate, smallware and cooking utensil is clean, dry, sanitized and inspected prior to each use.

* Works with the necessary urgency to get the job done quickly to ensure a smooth shift and that all guests have a great dining experience

* Proactively ensures that all equipment is in working order and that every plate, smallware and cooking utensil is clean and sanitized. May stop process at any time if equipment is not producing a sanitized and safe end product.

General Description

* Complies with Hoss's safety and sanitation standards.

* Scraping, racking, washing, and unloading dishware.

* Ensures all areas of the restaurant are stocked with clean dishware.

* Maintains upkeep of bus stations.

* Clears and maintains work stations and equipment.

* Empties garbage.

* Performs other duties as assigned or directed.