Medication Assistant - PRN (AS NEEDED)
 Woodbridge, VA

Requisition Number: MEDIC08208

  • Checks each of the six (6) rights of medication administration three (3) different times: (1) When the medication is taken out of the med cart or cabinet; (2) Immediately before assisting with the medication; (3) Immediately after assisting with the medication.
  • Assists with medications to residents according to their Medication Observation Record (MOR)
  • Documents clearly and accurately on the MOR after a medication is taken or given, refused, held, discontinued, changed, disposed of, returned, in accordance with policy
  • Maintains a neat, clean, organized med cart/cabinet and restocks as needed
  • Provides residents with any treatments required as part of their individual service plan
  • Promotes and protects the rights to safe, prompt, and confidential treatment
  • Answers and responds immediately to resident calls
  • Respects the resident’s right to refuse medication and/or treatment
  • Explains to the resident what medication is being given and why, prior to assisting with or administering the medication
  • Observes the resident for any adverse reaction to the medication and reports to the DRC and/or supervisor immediately
  • Reports any and all medication errors honestly and immediately
  • Seeks assistance and advice from supervisor immediately if there are any doubts or questions when assisting with or administering medications or treatments
  • Responds to on-the-job injuries in accordance with policy
  • Notifies supervisor of any concerns or questions presented by the resident’s family member(s)
  • Adheres to universal precautions and all other infection control guidelines
  • Disposes infectious and/or potentially infectious waste according to OSHA regulations
  • Demonstrates respectful behavior in all interactions with residents, families, staff and other visitors to the community
  • Performs specific work duties as assigned by supervisor
  • Demonstrates knowledge of emergency procedures
  • Meets or exceeds health standards for appearance, sanitation and hygiene
  • The ability to work in a safe and alert manner
  • The ability to take ownership for associate’s safety and the safety of the residents
  • Must disclose any medication that might impair associate’s ability to perform the job safely or competently.

“In response to the crisis surrounding Coronavirus / COVID-19, HarborChase is offering assistance those whose employment is impacted. We are hiring Full Time, Part Time, and Temporary Associates (PRN). Stewardship is a CORE value at HarborChase, so when our community is in a time of need, we are elated to be able to lend a helping hand.”