Lead Technician, Manufacturing Weigh-Stage 2nd Shift

This position works with the Pre-Blend Powder MFG Supervisor by overseeing the daily production operations for the Weighing / Staging area of their shift. This position is responsible for up to 20 employees and making sure that everyone is trained, adhering to company policies, working safely and achieving departmental standards and expectations.


* Ensure all area equipment (Scales, Lifts, Scoops, etc.) are clean and set up functional for daily operations. Immediately report any equipment issues to the department supervisor and maintenance department.

* Ability to operate all equipment that is being operated by those under lead.

* Ensure all product and components required for daily production are in the appropriate staging area in a timely manner to ensure availability before production begins.

* Maintain PRD Inventory to 96% or above.

* Maintain schedule adherence.

* Immediately report to supervisor any material discrepancies or issues that will / could jeopardize schedule adherence.

* Order / request materials for daily production

* Perform in process quality checks for product and documentation errors during the manufacturing of product. If defects or discrepancies are found, notify supervisor immediately.

* Must use reasonable decision making ability.

* Ensure all component specifications are correct. For example product codes, lot numbers, required weights, printed labels, etc.

* Ensure batch records equipment log books and other relevant records are current.

* Assist Supervisor in the training and direction of employees in the equipment and process of the area.

* Coordinate and monitor work of employees in their area, assisting where needed (Working Lead)

* Document Daily production

* Ensure equipment clearances with quality control before start of processing.

* Ensure operators are following safety procedures at all times. Report any unsafe acts or conditions to supervisor immediately.

* Ensure staging area, weigh booths and equipment is clean and maintained.

* Ensure all personnel follow GMP`s and written SOP`s

* Keep an open line of communication with all departments.

* Comply with all company policies and procedures including safety rules and regulations

* Assist supervisor with planning man power requirements, report any daily manpower issues that will / could jeopardize schedule adherence.

* Other duties as assigned



Ability to coordinate people and daily work assignments

Ability to instruct and train people

Above basic math skills to compute yields, variances and troubleshoot.

Ability to interface with machine controls and computers

Ability to speak, read and write in the English language

Problem solving skills, limited decision making

Ability to work in a fast paced environment



* Previous experience in a GMP manufacturing nutraceutical or food environment

* Previous experience in GMP documentation

* Has worked in a team based environment


* 3 years previous experience in a GMP manufacturing nutraceutical or food environment



* High school diploma or equivalent


* Leadership skills training

* Prior general safety training.