Restoration Technician

Mammoth Restoration Willow Grove, PA
Production Team Leader

Salary: $14-$20 per hour

Emergency Property Damage Restoration Company Looking for Compassionate, Coachable People to Help Customers Rebuild Their Lives

Are you hungry to change your life?

Are you coachable?

Are you longing for a Team atmosphere at work?

Are you looking to belong to something bigger than yourself?

Are you inquisitive?

Are you willing to give more than you ever expected to get in return?

If not...this company is not for you!

Why Mammoth? What is our purpose?

We believe in restoring each and every Mammoth Team Member's dreams of a better life - we just happen to restore properties that have suffered from water, fire & smoke damage too. Our team and its culture are our most important priorities. We believe assembling a team that shares our values and our vision creates a win-win scenario for everyone involved in our business; our Team Members, Clients, Customers, Vendors, Suppliers and Sub-Contractors.

Our values are not just words that look good on paper; they are the basis for every decision we make. Our values spell the word C.R.E.D.I.T.

C. Compassion: Our number one core value. Treat others as you want to be treated.

R. Respect: You need to give respect to get respect.

E. Empowerment: We empower people to make decisions and not be afraid of failure.

D. Drive: We want people who want to be excellent.

I. Integrity: There is no second chance for lying. Period.

T. Teamwork: Give more than you expect to get.

What We Do:

Mammoth Restoration puts people's lives back together after a property has suffered damage from a fire, flood, or similar tragedy. Our team helps the property owner recover by cleaning up, drying out, and rebuilding.

Job Overview:

The Production Team Leader provides exceptional customer service while performing restorative tasks for water, fire, mold, cleaning, and other interrelated remediation assignments.

Essential Job Functions:

* Supervising and completing all jobs assigned to him/her

* Obtaining signed authorizations, documentation, and photos required for each job

* Communication to adjuster/Property Manager, customer, and Team Coordinator with the progress of all job activity

* Training and education of all assistants in the basic functions of the job

* Following all Standard Operating Procedures

* Responding to after-hours calls as per designated rotation coverage

* Scanning all tools and equipment through bar code system, and reporting any maintenance issues to Facilities, Equipment, and Vehicle Manager

* Following safety rules per the Safety Policy, and enforcing those rules with team

* Using time tracking system

* Following Mammoth Standards of Conduct per the Team Member Manual

* Maintaining a positive, professional attitude and appearance at all times

* Developing a team effort with fellow team members

* Maintaining a clean and organized vehicle and adhering to maintenance schedule

* Being able to handle physical requirements and extended work hours as needed

* Other duties as assigned


* IIRCR courses as needed

* Pack-out/Pack-back of content

* Content and Structural cleaning

* Operation of all job-related equipment


* Proficiency in Microsoft Office software (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Exchange) and other technologies such as smart phones, tablets (e.g. iPad, Galaxy, etc.)

* Customer focus

* Attention to detail

* Willingness to take initiative

* Team player attitude

* People skills

* Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.


* Work Schedule: Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, rotating on-call list

* MUST be willing to work flexible hours as required by the position.

* Benefits Package Available

* This is an "On Call" position and, as such requires work to be completed outside of normal business hours (after 5pm, weekends, holidays, etc.)