Avionics Technician - Flight Line - 2nd Shift

Textron Wichita, KS

To functional test a variety of aircraft avionics and electrical systems and restore malfunctioning system to proper operation in compliance with engineering and flight test requirements.


I. Plans and performs a wide variety of functional testing and troubleshooting operations to determine cause of malfunctioning electrical and electronic systems used in production multiengine aircraft. Complex systems may develop unusual malfunctions which are corrected according to accepted methods and engineering requirements.

A. Works from aircraft orders, inspection records, schematic drawings, engineering specifications, oral and written instructions to assure that aircraft meets requirements for proper flight operation of systems such as auto pilots, flight directors, automatic direction finders, high frequency transmitters, radios, heating systems, weather radar, DME, transponders, EFIS systems and wind shear.

II. Observes operation of electrical and electronic systems while aircraft is in flight or being tested on flight ramp. Adjusts GCUS and parallel generator voltages, compass directions, auto pilot headings and make other adjustments as required.

III. Uses aircraft orders and inspection records to determine systems requirements. Plans installation, functional testing and repair sequences for standard and optional equipment to complete work according to schedules. May contact plant supervision, engineering and avionics departments to arrange for delivery of shortage items and to obtain specifications for optional equipment. Works with vendor representative and/or engineering.

IV. Takes corrective action to repair malfunctioning systems using a variety of test equipment and hand tools. Maintains clean working area.

V. Guides and instructs one to two lower grade employees engaged in flight line electrical and electronics work.

VI. Performs other related duties as required such as field or ramp taxi of aircraft.


Job duties require equivalent to vocational high school education to have knowledge of electrical and electronic principles. Ability to interpret schematic drawings, assembly blueprints and specifications is required.


Over three years up to five years diversified aircraft electrical and electronic installation and functional testing experience required to have working knowledge of a wide variety of electrical and electronic systems.


Somewhat disagreeable working conditions due to noncontinuous exposure to noise, weather, hydraulic fluid, MEK, alcohol, and other liquids.