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School Occupational Therapist

Date Posted: 6/12/18

The Wethersfield Public Schools partners with the community and families in fostering our students' ongoing education in a safe and engaging learning environment. Our schools are demographically diverse and are characterized by respectful behavior, trusting relationships, caring educators/administrators/staff and continuous learning.

The Wethersfield District has an opening for a School Occupational Therapist. The Occupational Therapist will work in various Wethersfield public schools, under the direction of the Director of Special Services.

Position: School Occupational Therapist

School: District

Start Date: 2018-2019 School Year

Compensation: $50,464 - $99,988 (full-time annual)

Application Deadline: until position is filled

Summary: The occupational therapist will lead the process in development, implementation, and coordinating the occupation therapy program. Screening, evaluation, educations program and transition planning, therapeutic intervention, and exit planning is provided for students identified with or suspected of having disabilities that interfere with their ability to perform daily life activities, or participate in necessary or desired occupations. Professional judgment and clinical knowledge are used to develop individualized programming based on occupational performance deficits in the areas of personal care, functional motor skills, sensory processing, student role, interaction skills, process skills, play, community integration/work, and graphic communication. Occupational therapists regularly collaborate with other disciplines and service at departmental and system levels. Occupational therapists are expected to independently review outcomes and modify intervention programs. Clinical reasoning and professional judgment are essential to ensuring the safety of students and protecting liability of the school system and the therapist. Direct supervision may be exercised over support personnel.

Duties & Responsibilities:

* Collaborate with other disciplines to ensure team understanding of student occupational performance strengths and needs, through evaluations, education program planning, and service delivery;

* Evaluate the student's ability and formulate the student's occupational profile through a variety of functional, behavioral and standardized assessments, skilled observations, checklists, histories, and interviews;

* Synthesize evaluation results to a comprehensive written report which reflects strengths and barriers to student participation in the educational environment, directs program development, and guides evidence-based intervention;

* Develop occupational based intervention plans based on student needs and evaluation results;

* Participate in multidisciplinary meetings to review evaluation results, integrate findings with other disciplines, offer recommendations, and develop individual education plans and intervention plans to achieve Individualized Education Programs (IEP) goals;

* Provide targeted evidence-based therapeutic intervention to facilitate student participation and occupational performance within the school environment;

* Consult with the school-based team to achieve student outcomes;

* Adapt and modify the environment including assistive technology and training instructional staff to meet individual needs and to help students function as independently as possible;

* Educate students, educational personnel, and family to facilitate skills in areas of occupation as well as health maintenance and safety;

* Monitor and reassess the efforts of occupational therapy intervention and the need to continue, modify, or discontinue intervention;

* Document occupational therapy services to ensure accountability of service provision and to meet standards for reimbursement of services as appropriate;

* Prioritize and schedule work tasks independently;

* Manage inventory of therapeutic equipment and assessments, and project needs for budget planning;

* Maintain clinical and administrative records in accordance with professional standards, state guidelines, and school system policy;

* Provide legal and ethical supervision of occupation therapy assistant assuming responsibility for the students served by the assistant;

* Supervise non-occupational therapy support personnel;

* Adhere to federal and state legislation, regulation, and policies that affect occupational therapy practice;

* Review occupational therapy services for quality improvement and make changes as needed to ensure quality of services;

* Teach, monitor, and collaborate with education personnel, community agencies, parents, and students to increase understanding of the student's occupational performance;

* Provide continuing education and in-services for education personnel, parents, and community based on service providers;

* Provide fieldwork education and supervision for occupation therapy and occupational therapy assistant students;

* Participate in continuing education for professional development to ensure practice consistent with best practice;

* Use professional literature, evidence based research , and continuing education content to make practice decisions;

* Use professional Code of Ethics and standards of practice to guide ethical decision making in practice.


* Hold Master's or Baccalaureate degree in occupational therapy from a program accredited by the National Board Certification for Occupational Therapy Association (NBCOT);

* Have successfully completed the Certified Occupational Therapist exam;

* Hold a State of Connecticut Certified Occupational Therapist license;

* Extensive experience with sensory integration therapy is beneficial;

* Extensive experience with assistive technology and trained to complete assistive technology is preferred;

* Knowledge of human development through the life span and integrate with student's unique developmental status; highly preferred school based experience with pediatric and adolescent students;

* Knowledge and appreciation of the influence of disabilities, sociocultural and socioeconomic factors on student's ability to participate in occupations;

* Knowledge and use of occupational therapy theories, models of practice, principles, and evidence based practice to guide intervention decisions;

* Knowledge of the federal, state, local legislation, regulations, policies and procedure that mandate and guide occupational therapy practice in schools;

* Ability to gather and assess outcomes program evaluation data and to use to modify services at the programmatic level;

* Ability to maintain current reporting, documentation, scheduling, and billing in accordance with professional standards, state, and local guidelines, and reimbursement requirements;

* Ability to determine the need for an occupational therapy evaluation and to select and administer appropriate assessment tools to evaluate the student;

* Ability to interpret the evaluation data and write a comprehensive report that reflects strengths and barriers to students' participation and occupational performance;

* Ability to participate collaboratively with multidisciplinary educational teams to develop IEPs to meet student needs;

* Ability to develop occupationally based intervention plans based on evaluation information;

* Ability to provide evidence based occupational therapy intervention to improve student's performance skills and participation;

* Ability to adapt and modify environments, equipment, and materials including assistive technology;

* Ability to plan, coordinate, and conduct continuing education for educational personnel, parents, and students;

* Skill in effective oral and written communication.

This position is not represented by a collective bargaining agreement.

Interested applicants must apply online at: http://www.generalasp.com/wethersfield/onlineapp/default.aspx

Wethersfield Public School System-Nondiscrimination Policy

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