Experienced Electrical Engineer - Prototype Engineering

Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation
 West Milton, NY

Prototype Engineering provides quality engineering products to support the maintenance needs of the Prototypes to ensure the successful and timely completion of planned maintenance shutdowns and to guide a prompt and effective resolution of emergent issues that threaten equipment operation, plant safety, or the ability of the plant to meet their training objectives.

PE alsoserves asthe technical conscience for the prototype Plants by continuously driving to ensure the plants are maintained and operated to appropriate standards and that decisions in these areas are based on appropriate technical evaluation. Perform engineering evaluations and analyses, and make engineering decisions for all aspects of assigned tasks. Cognizant areas may include planning, designing, modeling, analyzing, documenting, and testing of nuclear, mechanical, structural or electrical components, systems and equipment and facilities. Work may include chemical or materials evaluations, design reviews, operations support, safety analysis, engineering methods and software development, and analysis of vendor's procedures and systems for quality control or manufacturing surveillance.