Science Teacher

Waukegan Public School District 60 Waukegan, IL
Who We Are:

Waukegan Community Unit School District No. 60 serves nearly 17,000 students in preschool through grade 12 and is located halfway between Chicago, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the shores of Lake Michigan. The District has one early learning center, 15 elementary schools, five middle schools and a high school program divided between two 9 – 12th grade campuses. The District encompasses portions of Waukegan, Beach Park and Park City.

Why We Do This Work:

The Waukegan Community Unit School District No. 60 has set an ambitious agenda for change, guided by the belief that all children, regardless of circumstances, can achieve at high levels and academic gaps can and will be eliminated with the support of teachers who deliver engaging, relevant, and academically rigorous instruction that excites students and instills a love of learning in them.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The Classroom Teacher will be directly responsible to the building principal for all matters pertaining to the operation of the school plan, in-building administrative and personnel procedures, and general or district-wide policies. He/she will be indirectly responsible to the Director of Secondary Education for all matters pertaining to curriculum, instructional methods, assessment and materials.


* Provide a personalized instructional program that is compatible with the abilities, needs and learning characteristics of each student;

* Implement prescribed curriculum;

* Provide each student with a developmental program that includes behavioral objectives;

* Create a child-centered learning environment that is characterized by the consistent application of sound mental health and educational psychology practices;

* Employ creative methods of instruction and utilize a variety of materials within the structure of the designated curriculum;

* Become acquainted with the characteristics, needs, abilities and problems of each child through personal interaction and by seeking information from psychoeducational reports, hearing and vision reports, staffing notes, end-of-the-year student status reports, etc.;

* Inform the building principal whenever a student's attendance is unsatisfactory;

* Supply the building principal with any abnormal attendance reports on any student;

* Report student address and telephone number changes to the building principal;

* Provide the building principal with an up-to-date copy of the schedule of classroom activities that the teacher is following;

* Maintain up-to-date lesson plans;

* Use the designated methods of reporting student progress to parents;

* Attend specified in-service meetings and conferences with the building principal;

* Develop a close relationship with each student's parents or guardians;

* Use teacher aides or helpers in accord with the designated job descriptions;

* Provide for daily parent/guardian contact for all absences;

* Oversee and maintain the various TAOEP student tracking forms and meet submission deadlines;

* Facilitate student learning using the computer-based curriculum;

* Instruct and respond in an appropriate manner with ethnically diverse students;

* Perform such other professional duties as may be assigned by the building principal.

Qualifications: Must have valid Illinois Professional Educators License with certification in Science grades 9-12th. Teaching experience (including student teaching and internship) at identified grade level within the last five years preferred.

Additional Information: High School PM Shift and/or Afternoon/PM Shift. Reporting times will be from Mon-Thurs 11:30-5:30pm and Fridays 9:00am-3:00pm.

Compensation: Per Teacher Contract.

Application Deadline: Candidates must submit an online application to be received by the closing date.

Only online applications will be considered.


Waukegan Community Unit School District 60 offers employment opportunities

without regard to age, gender, race, color, national origin, religion, marital or military/veteran status, sexual

orientation, pregnancy, parental status, genetics or disability.

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