Communications Tech Trainee

Frontier Communications Waterville, NY
Citizens Communications IBEW - Local 363

Position Description: Communications Tech Trainee - Schedule H

Posted: 7-12-18 to 7-19-18

Location: Waterville, NY

Job Duties:

* Must perform telephone installation and repair, meeting quality standards and Company practices under appropriate supervision.

* Must be able to work on subscriber carrier, pay stations and key systems with Company provided training and under appropriate supervision.

* Must be able to work when needed and in all types of weather.

* Must interact with work forces to coordinate and disseminate information to complete job assignments and with other sections to attain Company service objectives under appropriate supervision.

* Must maintain a professional image.

* Must support and participate in promotion of Company products.

* Must be physically able to perform duties of the job to include

* Lifting tools and ladders.

* Set up ladder on house, pole and cable and climb to working height.

* Work in confined spaces.

* Climb pole using only climbers hooks to cable height after Company provided training.

* Handle all necessary materials and supplies under appropriate supervision.

* Must be able to use a computer (laptop) show that you can log on, log off, use windows, and get job assignments, sign off jobs, and do timesheets using Company provided programs with Company provided training by the end of the qualifying period.

* Must be able to work under pressure, handle stress and follow directions.

* Must perform any other duties assigned under appropriate supervision.

* Trainees will be routed through several Sales & Service Technician and Central Office Technician disciplines starting with Installation and Repair

* As part of the program, Trainees can be assigned anywhere in the Unit represented by IBEW

* Employees successfully completing the Traineeship shall be offered a Sales & Service Technician/Central Office Technician job within the Unit.

* See Sales & Service Trainee Program IBEW 363 MOA for additional detail.

Minimum Qualifications:

* Must have a valid drivers license.

* Must be physically fit to perform job (must be able to lift 80 lbs).

* Must be able to perceive differences in wire and cable colors.

* Must have good oral and written communications skills.

* Must be able to work shifts, days, nights, evenings (depending on tour selection) and work overtime and emergency call outs.

* Must have a Basic Electricity Certification

* Must be able to lift and set 24 foot ladder