Digital Marketing Analyst

Job purpose

This position supports the eCommerce & Digital Marketing Department to drive continuous improvements to site revenue, conversion rates and traffic for our B2B and D2C sites. The Analyst, eCommerce will report to the SVP, eCommerce & Digital Marketing, providing data analysis and developing frameworks for making data-driven recommendations.

Duties and responsibilities

* Create, maintain and disseminate reports that drive marketing priorities.

* Uncover insights about visitor and customer behavior, website usage, etc. and translate these into recommendations that drive business success.

* Set up and review A/B or multivariate tests to drive increased visitor conversions.

* Review business and technical specifications, as well as proactively develop data requirements, benchmarks, KPIs and estimates for new features, products and projects.

* Liaise with technical teams to deploy and maintain tags necessary for data collection.

* Manage key analytics platforms, provide internal training on these platforms as needed.


* You have 4-7 years of related experience

* Have a solid working knowledge of PowerPoint and Excel, and know how to make data tell a story in a compelling way (in whatever format is appropriate/necessary for the audience).

* You have to love digging deep into numbers. (It's ok to admit you have a favorite spreadsheet function. We're data nerds too.)

* Your Excel-fu is strong, but so are your planning, organizational and communication skills.

* You have familiarity with site analytics tools like Google Analytics and Omniture.

* You have an insatiable curiosity about how to do things better. Not content to deliver reports that just contain a bunch of numbers, you are always asking "So what? Now what?"

* Most importantly, your coworkers know they can count on you to be responsive, meet deadlines and juggle priorities appropriately.

* MySQL experience preferred