Construction Superintendent III

Weston Solutions Inc. Washington, MA
The Construction Superintendent III carries out project duties as established by the Project Manager. The objective is to produce a result (site management, data analysis and conclusions, final report, recommendations, etc.) which satisfies the client's needs.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

* BS plus 9 years experience or equivalent experience.

* Needs to be certified as a SHSO Level C minimum.

* Attend 1st Aid and CPR Classes.

* 40 hr. trained safety officer.

* USACE Construction Quality Management certification preferred.

* Experience working for USACE on construction and environmental/hazardous waste sites is required.

* Must be capable of working with the appropriate level of PPE, which may include up to Level C.

Expected Outcomes

* Within his or her specialty, is responsible for various filed activities including site management, sample collection, data analysis, and report preparation of that area of specialty on projects.

* Maintain up-to-date techniques insuring the credibility of technical assignment, e.g. data collected.

* Prepare and recommend scientifically valid and appropriate quality assurance program for technical assignment, e.g. data collection activities.

* Coordinate technical activities with other professionals and field personnel.

* Provide technical supervision and assistance to insure that project activities are technically valid and results are coordinated for added continuity and control.

* Prepare the sections of proposals relating to his or her area of specialty with regard to scope, man hours, and equipment needed.

* Be familiar with potential hazards (safety and health) associated with project activities and advise manager of construction of procedures to mitigate.

* Acting as a working leader, serves to coordinate all technical activities in an efficient manner to ensure that the project requirements and deadlines are met.

* Coordinate the preparation of required interim and final deliverables, e.g. project reports, for projects in his or her charge.

* Act as liaison with other professionals and field personnel to accomplish the efficient and smooth implementation of project directives.

* The Site Superintendent III's responsibilities range from being totally responsible for the execution of a job to directing the efforts of 5 to 10 people from his/her own and other departments. At times the Site Superintendent III may function as part of a project managed by another department or division.

* The Site Superintendent III often serves as leader of a field team. All field operations, data collection techniques, analyses, timetables, field budgets are under his/her control.

* Substantial effort is spent in writing proposals, 255 Forms, and in giving presentations to prospective clients.