Truancy Prevention Program Manager

Access Youth Inc. Washington, DC

Job Title: Truancy Prevention Program Manager

Reports To: Chief Operating Officer

Organization:  Access Youth is a non-profit organization that is committed to reducing high school drop out rates by addressing the top reasons students are pushed out of school -- unexcused absences and behaviors that lead to suspension. 

Our mission is to keep vulnerable youth in school, to graduate on time, and out of the justice system through our four-year program of mediation, restorative justice and positive youth development

Truancy Prevention Program

The Truancy Prevention Program is designed to provide students with the motivation, support, and resources they need to improve their attendance and school achievement. Incorporating key principles of restorative justice and mediation as well as evidence-based approaches, the Truancy Prevention Program’s one-on-one interventions for 9th – 12th graders is proven to reduce chronic absenteeism for students.

The goal of the four-year program model is to increase attendance and prevent chronic truancy to improve educational outcomes for students attending under-resourced schools.  Access Youth currently serves 450-500 students annually through this program.

The Truancy Prevention Program connects to high school graduation by:

  • Reducing the percentage of youth who are truant
  • Reducing the percentage of youth who require a court referral
  • Increasing the percentage of youth who improve their In-Seat-Attendance Rates (ISA)

Key performance measures for the Truancy Prevention Program are number of days absent compared to their peers and In-Seat-Attendance Rates.



Position Overview: Each Truancy Prevention Program Manager develops, delivers, and manages the school-based Truancy Prevention Program at a Washington, DC high school. Delivery is accomplished by addressing attendance-related issues, including truancy, through mediation-based student conferences, coaching, the use of incentives, and life skills instruction.  This school-based position is responsible for direct service delivery of the program to a caseload of 75 to 100 students, as well as program and data management.

Each Truancy Prevention Program Manager will:

  1. Build and sustain collegial and effective relationships with principals, counselors, and other high level school personnel as Access Youth’s on-site representative.
  2. Ensure effective program management, implementation, evaluation, data and outcome delivery.
  3. Build trust, rapport, and communication with teenagers at risk for chronic truancy, suspension, and other forms of exclusionary discipline.


Mandatory Qualifications:

  1. Experience in truancy and/or dropout prevention programming
  2. Experience working in an urban school setting
  1. Experience in program design, management, and evaluation
  1. Strong communication and relationship-building skills, including the ability to work with a diverse student and adult population
  2. Experience in data collection, analysis, and reporting to assist in making informed programmatic decisions
  3. Demonstrated computer skills, including ability to utilize databases and other office software applications including Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook.
  1. Ability to work independently and be self-motivated with strong organizational and time management skills.
  2. Excellent communication, both written and oral, and presentation/training skills for large and small groups.
  3. Ability to handle multiple priorities and complete tasks/projects in accordance with stated deadlines and ability to work under pressure and effectively diffuse crisis situations.


  1. Equity:
  2. Adaptability:
  3. Teamwork:
  4. Professionalism
  5. Pro-activeness (or Initiative)

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Each position is full time and based in a high-risk Washington, DC public high school. Duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Receive referrals, conduct intake, and schedule attendance support meetings and mediations
  2. Schedule one-on-one meetings with the student and his or her family to start building a relationship and to determine student's immediate needs
  3. Conduct attendance support meetings with students using proven mediation skills and principles
  4. Work with students on an ongoing basis to monitor their compliance with all attendance plans
  5. Make referrals to other school or community-based services, when appropriate
  6. Work with the school attendance team to integrate our programming with their requirements
  7. Build trust, rapport, and communication with students and families in the program
  8. Track and maintain case information, data, and case management database in a timely manner and provide data when requested
  9. Conduct evaluations and track evaluation results
  10. Complete weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual program reporting
  1. Ensure effective program management, implementation, evaluation and outcome delivery.
  2. Create and sustain collegial relationships with principals, counselors, and other school personnel as Access Youth’s primary on-site representative
  3. Serve as an articulate spokesperson for all program activities & Access Youth programs
  1. Assist COO and Executive Director to develop and improve existing activities and service management systems
  2. Think strategically about your program, make recommendations for program improvement, and contribute to and participate in fundraising for your program
  3. Collaborate with program and organizational colleagues, including constructively participating in weekly and periodic team meeting 

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