Program Manager, The Social Fabric Project

Aspen Institute Washington, DC
About The Social Fabric Project

Launched in the spring of 2018, this new initiative of the Aspen Institute will address the crisis of social fragmentation in this United States. The crisis manifests in three overlapping ways: social isolation, social distrust, and crisis of purpose and meaning. In a culture that is over-politicized and under-moralized, people have trouble finding a sense of purpose. We believe that when you leave people naked and alone, they do what their evolutionary roots tell them to do. They revert to tribe. So we see a country riven along tribal lines ranging from political, to racial, to socioeconomic, to geographic. Fortunately, all around the country people are working to reweave the social fabric and bridge divides. Some work to repair local community bonds, some to promote economic mobility and heal class divisions, some to advance racial reconciliation, some to heal political polarization and so on. All of them have found ways to reduce isolation, build trust and find meaning. These community builders are the heroes of our age. They are addressing the central problem of our time and it is upon their work that the fate of the nation depends. We look to celebrate these healers and inspire others to join this cause that aims to unite dispersed efforts around a common vision for national healing.

Basic Function

As the Program Manager of The Social Fabric Project, this position provides support to the team throughout the design, launch and roll out of this organization-wide efforts, and is responsible for: Supporting the continued design and integration of a new initiative focused on healing within the United States by activating constituents of the Aspen Institute and members of the public; operationalizing and scaling efforts to have impact in all 50 states; building new internal collaborations and an external coalition of partner organizations; harmonizing efforts across a broad range of stakeholders and internal and external partners alike; developing and managing team budgets and work plans, and the development and integration of a range of systems and protocols to support the initiative.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Manage the design, launch, implement and scale a range of national programs including:

* A new half-day dialogue and site visit series organized by the Aspen Institute to be replicated in dozens of locations across the country in Q3 and Q4 of 2019. This program series is an effort to bring together, listen to, and synthesize the diverse experiences of local community healers who have made progress in overcoming social fragmentation in their communities.

* A new chapter model where community healers can bring together local residents around social divides and tensions for deep, long-lasting, and locally-led dialogues and action. To support this effort, this position will work with others at the Aspen Institute to develop open-source curriculum and methodologies for local chapters to engage members of the public.

* A new coalition of healers individuals, non-profits, unincorporated efforts, government agencies, and businesses who are all committed to the mission of community-led healing in the United States. To support this effort, this position will assist in the development of a coalition framework, protocol and activities to unify this federated effort.

* A series of large scale convenings such as a new annual summit for 300 people and supporting a public day of healing in engage millions of people across the United States. Additionally, this position will lead the effort to partner with internal programs at the Aspen Institute on other large-scale convenings such as the Aspen Ideas Festival, the Resnick Aspen Action Forum, the Youth & Engagement Summit, just to name a few.

* New platforms and collateral to engage members of the public in this effort such as the development of a new website as well as a custom app to support local chapters with curriculum, event registration, and community organizing.

To support this effort, this position will also be responsible for:

* Assisting with development of a team work plan to orchestrate the activities above

* Developing processes with the Program Coordinator to scale and administer this national effort

* Supporting the management of a multi-million dollar annual budget

Primary Relationships & Qualifications

Principal Interactions:

* Executive Director, The Social Fabric Project

* Managing Director, The Social Fabric Project

* Associate Director, The Social Fabric Project

* Aspen Institute Executive Office

* Trustees, Fellows, Coalition Partners, and constituents of The Aspen Institute

* Aspen Institute Staff across all departments and levels

Key Requirements:

* Entrepreneurial and self-starting

* Personable and empathetic to diverse communities

* Strong leadership, strategic planning and highly collaborative

* Superior organization and communication skills

* Inquisitive and a digester of current affairs and trends

* 5+ years experience building programs and communities both domestically and internationally

* Exceptional event experience leading the logistics, vendors, teams and content development of major gatherings from people across the United States and globally

* Salesforce knowledge and past experience

* Bachelors Degree

* Ability to travel up to 20%

Level of Authority:

* No Budget Authority

* Supervisory responsibility for 1 full-time staff (Program Coordinator)

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