Maintenance Engineer

Washington REIT Washington, DC
The Maintenance Engineer is responsible for assisting in the day-to-day operations of assigned building(s) and maintenance of various building systems and equipment.

Essential Job Functions

Respond promptly to tenant service and work orders.

Establish and maintain positive relations with tenants.

Assist Engineering Team in troubleshooting of building systems.

Responsible for the following duties: replacing bulbs and ballast, minor plumbing repairs, performing preventive maintenance of equipment, repairing equipment, conducting building inspections and rounds, and completing log sheets.

Communicate regularly with the Operations/Lead Engineer on the status and activity of the mechanical operations of all buildings and promptly report any potential or existing problems.

Assist with completion of loss control records (or the like) and other records for assigned building(s).

Assist with the inspection of all areas of assigned building(s).

Responsible for other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

* Has good knowledge of experience in operating various HVAC systems, including central plant, VAV, heat pump, and induction systems.

* Ability to speak English clearly as well as able to read and write English.

* Possess knowledge of safe and efficient operation of all equipment, power and hand tools

* Knowledge of necessary tools, equipment, and materials needed to perform work assignments

* Ability to promote and contribute toward maintaining a high standard in the operation and appearance of assigned building(s)

* Ability to prioritze work assignments and complete them in a timely manner

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