HR Specialist FSC

 Washington, DC

Job Summary

This position is located in the Office of Human Capital and Talent Management (HCTM), Foreign Service Center (FSC), Foreign Service Staffing (FSS). The Foreign Service Staffing Branch is responsible for recruitment, utilization and management of Foreign Service Personnel worldwide in order to ensure that the Agency maintains a competent core workforce. FSS is also responsible for pre-employment processing, staffing (regular FS as well as Senior Management Group assignments), FS Tenuring and Commissioning, long-term training, and providing advice on classification for all overseas missions. The Foreign Service Staffing Branch works together with the Special Programs Branch on Agency-wide programs and priorities including competitive and non-competitive Foreign Service Limited (FSL) appointments, GS-to-FS appointments, the Difficult to Staff Incentive Differential (DSID) program, staffing for USAID's Critical Priority Countries (CPCs) and the development of policies and procedures relating to the topics.

The statements contained in this job description reflect general details as necessary to describe the principal functions of this job, the level of knowledge and skill typically required, and the scope of responsibility. It should not be considered an all-inclusive listing of work requirements. Employee may perform other duties as assigned, including work in other functional areas to cover absences or relief, to equalize peak work periods or otherwise to balance the workload.Essential Functions and Responsibilities

Foreign Service External Recruitment and Placement

Responsible for the full range of Foreign Service external placement and recruitment duties for the agency for which proactive recruiting strategies are needed. Positions include “hard-to-fill“ and shortage categories, senior level positions, or highly visible or sensitive positions.

Participates in recruiting outreach efforts by representing USAID at job fairs and at meetings of targeted community groups.

Attends regularly scheduled meetings, discussions, and periodic conferences regarding area(s) of specialization and explain and/or justify HCTM's position on the matter.

Liaisons with HCTM Employee and Labor Relations Division and AFSA on placement issues.

Foreign Service Assignment Advisory Services

Uses expert technical knowledge to provide advisory services to managers in the agency both Washington and overseas. Advises top-level managers, resolving complex and difficult problems in several agency specific technical occupational series regarding the agency's Foreign Service direct hire workforce.

Provides managers and employees with information and interpretations of the agency's Foreign Service assignment procedures, practices, policies, and guidelines, when the issues addressed require substantial interpretation, there is potential for controversy.

Reviews assignment actions and provides expert, consultative and technical advisory services to all Foreign Service employees on issues relating to assignments/transfers.

Reviews recruitment and placement actions and provides guidance on difficult issues, such as whether the office met and documented all of the requirements in the execution of a specific appointment authority for foreign service. Uses all agency designated systems to provide managers and Foreign Service employees with advice and guidance.

Provides expert advice to overseas mission management and employees regarding management of the Agency's Foreign Language Program compliance. Consults with the Department of State's Foreign Service Institute to determine length of foreign language training needed for employees to comply with overseas assignments.

Foreign Service Employee Benefits Advice and Guidance

Provides in-depth advice and guidance to employees throughout a local organization on issues related to retirement benefits, Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) and Federal Employees Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Programs. Issues are complicated by various eligibility determinations or by other concerns, such as pre-existing health conditions, underage beneficiaries, trusts, court-ordered coverage, divorces, validity of marriages, or distribution of property.

Advises employees, former employees, their spouses, and children on eligibility and requirements for enrolling in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Advises employees on eligibility and options for enrolling in the Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program.

Counsels or advises individual FS employees on sensitive or serious problems related to health or life insurance coverage. The issues require special coordination and/or confidentiality and are complicated by various complex eligibility determinations or by the highly personal and sensitive nature of the issues, such as long-term care needs, terminal illnesses, or dependent parents.

Assists managers or senior specialists in making proper referrals to external resources for employees with sensitive or serious problems that are directly related to health and life insurance programs or issues.

Provides in depth eligibility information for applicable benefits and allowances and circumstances governing effective dates, life events, terminations, travel, storage and conversions.

May conduct training and orientation briefings for employees on health and life insurance benefits and other applicable foreign service related allowances and benefits.

Foreign Service Recruitment Planning and Strategies

Identifies and addresses complex human capital issues related to the Foreign Service recruitment and placement objectives, processes, techniques, and methodologies. Applies new approaches to resolving complex staffing issues, such as filling shortage category positions or positions undergoing rapid technological changes.

Works with the HCTM Special Projects team; FS Counselors and the Administrative Management Staff, to coordinate FS staffing activities with the missions overseas. Establishes long and short-term objectives that are designed to support the accomplishment of USAID FS goals, initiatives, and priorities.

Researches individual staffing issues, recommends actions to management, and follows through to ensure decisions are carried out as indicated.

Develops and delivers status/staff reports and correspondence on a variety of FS matters.Position Classification Work

Uses the Agency's Overseas Position Classification guide to provide authoritative advice on routine and complex classification issues and problems with agency-wide impact for Foreign service overseas positions. Performs the full range of Foreign Service classification duties for overseas missions. Collaborates with managers and AMS staff specialists throughout USAID to ensure the application of foreign service overseas position classification standards are accurate and consistent.

Analyzes overseas missions for productivity and efficiency gains, and provides recommendations to management officials on the most effective position/skill mix, and organizational structures, etc. Participates in bureau and mission management discussions regarding reorganization submissions.

Makes recommendations and prepares written communications to managers/supervisors for positions that may cause potential problems.