Product Development Engineer

Horizon Group Warren, NJ
Job Description:

Role Accountabilities and Responsibilities

* Partners with Product Development & Design teams in product concept and ideation sessions, providing input on how product concepts might be manufactured, production limitations and cost estimations.

* Provides initial design plans for first cost estimation, using 3D modeling and CAD programs.

* Develops mechanical drawings for products to meet anticipated functionality within target costs through understanding consumer requirements, and by evaluating manufacturability.

* Analyzes product designs to identify and implement engineering methodologies that will meet design intent and product performance expectations. Prototypes alternate design paths, tests, records and communicates product design variations to Product Development & Design teams.

* Communicates with overseas teams as necessary on topics related to prototyping, material and component specification, design improvements, design for manufacture (tooling) and execution/scheduling impact.

* Partners with compliance and product safety teams to review modifications needed on products to meet product safety and lab requirements; and help address post-sale consumer concerns on new products.

* Partners with product development and merchandising teams to meet product cost targets through cost engineering focused designing and cost mitigation strategies.

* Works in a highly cross functional environment with Merchandising, Product Development, Design, Project Management, Package Engineering, Safety and Regulatory teams in developing and executing new products to meet multiple objectives of cost, performance and launch timing.

* Assist in product quality tests using design testing methods, testing finished goods, evaluating injection (and other manufacturing process) molded parts, confirming assembly and anticipated functionality.

* Value engineers existing mechanical products to improve performance, reduce cost, increase production capacity and/or reduce supply chain lead time.

Job Requirements:


* Bachelor of Science degree in engineering, mechanical and/or electronics preferred.

* 2-5 years' experience conceiving and engineering plastic parts, mechanical assemblies, prototype tools, production tools and development and overall product engineering for the consumer product market.

* Mechanical engineering for the Toy market a plus.

* Outstanding communication, interaction and problem-solving skills.

* Significant skill and mastery in command of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) for 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional part and assembly creation utilizing Solid Works.

* Familiarity with rapid prototyping techniques, physical modeling a plus.

* Knowledge and experience of tooling for plastic parts. Familiar and practiced in creating Designs for Manufacturability (DFM) along with dimensional and functional accuracy of part drawings, product specifications and tool diagrams.

* Considerable knowledge of the principles and practices of Mechanical Engineering. Applies principals of mechanics and material science to various types of projects.

* Ability to plan projects, work on multiple projects, prepare related designs, schedules and specifications.

* Ability and experience in using engineering instruments and equipment.

* Ability to prepare reports, project summaries and maintain accurate records.

* Ability to read, analyze, and interpret professional documents including patents, technical procedures and materials and component data sheets.

* Ability and willingness to travel domestically and internationally as needed.