Confections / Fresh Foods/ QC Line Leader

Lipari Foods Warren, MI
Job Summary: The role of the production line leader is the key point of contact for their production line. They are responsible for hourly production rates, quality, and training of production associates. They are the right hand to the production supervisor in meeting daily quotas and goals. They are also responsible for their line start-up on time and break down at end of shift.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

* Verifies all item numbers on materials being brought to line.

* Completes line production paperwork

* Identifies over usage of materials and assists in reduction of waste ingredient materials

* Demonstrates basic set up and operational knowledge of all line related equipment

* Ensures line run rules, line equipment settings and run rates are being followed

* Promotes safe work behaviors in other employees and acts as a safety team member

* Provides assistance and direction to line employees to maximize labor utilization

* Reports any violations of company policy to management personnel

* Assists the Supervisor with staffing and training needs of crew members

* Supports Supervisor with execution of their job duties

* Notifies Supervisor of all down times. Follows and enforces all Food Safety PPE/GMP requirements and reports any concerns

* Assists in implementing equipment and process improvements

* Performs other duties as assigned by the Supervisor


* Strong interpersonal and communication skills, both oral and written required. Strong organizational skills required

* Ability to lead fairly, firmly and consistently

* Ability to interact and to manage conflict in stressful situations while maintaining composure and perspective

* The ability to identify, define, and solve problems, and to coach production employees to do the same

* Strong initiative and the ability to work with others to achieve desired results

* A sense of accountability for results

* Experience with SSOP's, GMPs, Food Sanitation

Working Environment

Work is done in various areas of the production rooms

Required Knowledge And Skills

Education: High School Degree or equivalent.

Experience: Ability to run production equipment and work in a fast paced production area

Technical Skills: Basic Computer Skills including MS Office

Licensure: N/A