Registered Nurse - Louisa County Mental Health Center - Temporary

Hillcrest Family Services Wapello, IA
Job Purpose: To plan, direct, coordinate and provide health services to the clients of Hillcrest Family Services' Mental Health Center.

Regulatory Requirements:

* RN with current Iowa license. At least one year experience working with persons with mental illness and other clients typically served at a Community Mental Health Center.

* Must complete Mandatory Reporter for Child/Dependent Adult Abuse training within four months of hire date.

* Must successfully complete child/dependent adult abuse and criminal background check, including DHS evaluation (if needed, including documentation of follow-through for any stated employment restrictions); reference check forms (minimum of two); and employment physical, TB test and drug screen prior to contact with clients and as required thereafter

Demonstrates Competency in the Following Areas:

* Assist in developing and monitoring policies and procedures for health services to clients.

* Assist in the development of new or in the modification of existing policies and procedures to meet licensure and accreditation standards.

* Monitor implementation of policies/procedures and insure that they are implemented and adhered to appropriately.

* Communicate the needs for health services to clients and staff.

* Educate clients and staff regarding psychotropic medication.

* Assess, monitor, and evaluate the needs for health services to clients.

* Monitor implementation of physician or service provider's medical orders.

* Assist all prescribers in monitoring medication and other health issues.

* Show ability to assess client needs thoroughly and apply specific treatment modalities.

* Use strong clinical judgement independently when necessary.

* Serve as a member of the interdisciplinary team.

* Develop and provide training to staff on identified health issues.

* Be a resource for other team members pertaining to medical psychiatric issues and implementation of treatment interventions.

* Provide direct nursing service to clients.

* Provide emergency first aid and routine assessments for medical needs.

* Evaluate client vital signs as necessary.

* Administer medications as directed.

* Document care given to clients in the medical record in a timely manner.

* Make suggestions/recommendations regarding care to other treatment team members.

* Provide assistance to psychiatrist/practitioners.

* Assist psychiatrist during medication review sessions as needed.

* Monitor implementation of psychiatrist's orders.

* Call in and/or fax in medication order changes to pharmacy.

* Organize paperwork which requires psychiatrist's signature.

* Review client medical records as requested.

* Maintain accurate records of sample medications and distribution of sample medications according to policy.

* Participate in other committees as assigned by Mental Health Center Director, such as Infection Control, Behavioral Management, etc

* Assume other duties as assigned by the Mental Health Center Director.