Field Svc Eng II

BAE Systems Wallops Island, VA
Functioning as an Operation Department Aegis Site Test Director at Wallops Island Virginia in the Surface Combat Systems Center (SCSC) Facility. SCSC is the premier Land Based Test Site for the Aegis and SSDS Navy Shipboard platforms. The mission at SCSC includes Research and Development, Training, Fleet Emergent Testing, System Integration and hardware/software Certification.

Test Director duties include: Setup for mission events utilizing a daily site element schedule, 2) Coordinating the check-out and installation of computer programs and electronic data, 3) Energizing and initializing computers and combat system elements, 4) Establishment of interface switch paths, 5) Performing system checkout, and other site preparations necessary to ensure the readiness of the requested systems and equipment to support a successful mission event, 6) Perform systematic take down at the completion of the mission event, 7) Prepare and initiate comprehensive mission operations reports, 8) Coordinate system level troubleshooting efforts, 9) Function as the primary technical point of contact for SCSC mission customers, 10) Promptly report to the Government the status of mission events, systems and equipment.