Manufacturing Heat Treat

Manufacturing Heat Treat

61 Barnes Industrial Park North, Wallingford, CT 06492

Full-Time Shift(s): Monday-Friday 6AM-2:30PM and 2:30PM-11:00PM


Working as Full-Time Manufacturing Heat Treat, you will be responsible for performing operations to wash, harden, anneal, carburize, temper, quench and black oxide finish a variety of products in atmospherically controlled furnaces and chemical finishing lines.


The duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

o Obtaining work to be processed using forklift trucks from incoming lanes according to FIFO rules and Flow Leader's instructions

o Checking products for proper part traceability

o Segregating work by order and laboratory numbers

o Determining sequence of lots to be processed by prescribed priorities

o Weighing pans when required and recording data on production reports and daily management boards

o Loading and spacing products accordingly

o Operating tempering furnaces and verifying instrument set points to ensure proper temperature

o Operating hardening furnaces also checking and regulating atmosphere control equipment

o Setting time cycle according to size and product by setting conveyor and loader settings

o Checking operation at various points for jam-ups and improper functioning frequently

o Performing Rockwell tests to ensure prescribed hardness

o Maintaining all quality documentation and production records

o Making cycle adjustments based on quench hardness as needed

o Shutting down, purging, lighting up and preparing furnaces and auxiliary equipment

o Reacting to changes in incoming materials or process variations through established control plans or per team leader's instructions

o Using overhead hoist to immerse products in tanks of black oxide, protective oils or other coatings for specified time cycles

o Maintaining correct solution strengths and pickling and oil dipping products

o Keeping control logs, production, tracking downtime and daily management boards


The following skills and qualifications are required for this position:

o Excellent written and oral communication skills

o Proficient using Microsoft Office Suite and have basic math skills, including decimals and fractions

o Possess an excellent safety record

o Demonstrate a desire to continuously improve manufacturing processes

o Ability to learn and perform multiple tasks in a fast paced environment

o Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment

o Ability to safely lift up to 75 lbs

o Ability to pass the required drug screen (applicable in the US, Puerto Rico, and Guam ONLY)


o Previous work experience using heat treat furnaces in a manufacturing environment

o Prior experience working with chemicals.


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