Director of Learning and Development
Equitas Academy Charter Schools
 Waldorf, MD
The mission of Equitas Academy Charter Schools is to provide a structured, achievement-based community that prepares students to graduate from four-year colleges and universities. Equitas Academy has been recognized as a California Distinguished School and Gold Ribbon School by the California Department of Education because of our commitment to data-driven instruction and providing a rigorous and equitable education for all students. We currently serve over 1,500 students and operates three elementary schools and two middle schools in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Los Angeles, with a growth plan to open three additional schools and serve over 3000 students by 2022.

We value:
High Expectations. structured and disciplined classrooms, school-wide behavioral code of conduct, and school uniforms.

College Readiness. Extended school day and year, enrichment activities, and preparation to enter top-performing middle, high schools, and, ultimately, college.

A Family Partnership. Ongoing communication with parents about academic and behavioral progress, at-home visits by staff, and family workshops.

A Safe & Supportive School Community. We help our children make positive choices through our school values of curiosity, optimism, gratitude, grit, self-control, social intelligence, and zest.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Create, lead and execute on a cohesive vision for leadership development and the development of people in skills and mindsets that promote organizational health and growth and the retention and engagement of staff over time.
  • Design development programming and plans to provide a growth trajectory for leaders across the network with the intention of transforming talent and providing a pipeline for future growth and implement programming within one year of the role.
  • Align development work with retention strategy that addresses the most core aspects of organizational health.
  • Implement diversity goals across all departments and comprehensive strategy for ensuring that a diversity and equity lens is applied across all development.
  • Lead process of developing performance outcomes with targets that align with organizational goals.
  • Strengthen staff culture and employee growth.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Represent the organization as an exceptional external ambassador for all stakeholders as a leader in the organization.
  • Model the core value of curiosity and embed the value for learning for all roles and positions in the organization.
  • Demonstrated success in leading high impact projects impacting several stakeholders, in the K-12 or non-profit setting.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and manage a highly effective team as well as lead through influence where positional authority does not exist.
  • Solves problems strategically while weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each approach with a network-wide lens.
  • Ability to implement systems effectively and evaluate those systems to reduce error and increase engagement.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize effectively.
  • Incredibly strong communication skills in all mediums including but not limited to: written communication, adult learning platforms, and in person delivery and enrollment of strategy.
  • Ability to transition quickly from individual, detail oriented projects to collaborative, people-oriented conversations.
Minimum Requirements:
- Bachelor's degree required
- Experience with adult learning, talent, and DEI

Application and hiring process:To apply, please visit our website

Commitment to Diversity:
Equitas Academy is actively seeking to build a diverse and experienced team of educators. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin. We are an equal opportunity employer.

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