Tech Assistant

 Victorville, CA

Req Number: 24926

We invite you to come join the RadNet Radiology team as Tech Assistant at Elite Advanced Imaging in Victorville, California . This is a Part Time position consisting of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Occasional Sundays from 8:30am-5:00 pm

Job Description:

The Technologist Aide is responsible for assisting technologists with patient exams/procedures and the everyday work flow.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Greets patients with courtesy and respect; introduces self; describes procedures; puts patients at ease.
  • Administers oral contrast to patients and provides instructions as needed under direction of technologist.
  • Practices universal medical precautions.
  • Keeps patient information confidential.
  • Must appear friendly to all customers and patients at all times.
  • Responds to requests and questions efficiently, effectively and in a positive fashion.
  • Handles upset or irate individuals professionally and courteously.
  • Portrays self-control when under stress; remains professional in all situations.
  • Ensures trust by presenting a neat and professional image; personally, in the waiting area and diagnostic room.
  • Remains aware of appointment delays and changes to schedules.
  • Processes film by placing on film tray of automatic processor.
  • Refills/loads empty cassettes with correct film size and type.
  • Maintains necessary light-tightness in darkroom at all times.
  • Keeps film level stocked in film bin.
  • ID’s film with pertinent patient information accurately.
  • Maintains cleanliness of darkroom.
  • Duplicates film as requested.
  • Reports any processor or related component malfunctions.
  • Checks level of chemicals and maintain proper levels.
  • Assists QC coordinator with densitometry and sensitometry daily.
  • Participates in QC program as directed by team leader.
  • Adheres to all OSHA regulations and universal precautions.
  • Accurately and correctly hangs all satellite films on the light board.
  • Organizes all satellite films and coordinates the necessary paperwork for the radiologist.
  • Ensures that all necessary comparison films are hung and we have the appropriate reports.
  • Compiles processed films, film packet, patient control documents, contrast media release form and any other related documents.
  • Delivers complete study along with accurate and complete paperwork to reading room for interpretation.
  • Hangs and removes studies on view boxes as needed.
  • Organizes and prioritizes paperwork flow.
  • Serves as courier (when needed) to deliver and/or retrieve reports, films or supplies.
  • To Patient Services Rep
  • Greets patients and provides completed paperwork as needed
  • Collects encounter forms, co-payments, insurance information as needed
  • Answers phones and schedules patients for exams when necessary
  • Assists in handling of imaging reports
  • To Technologists
  • Brings patients back to dressing booths and provides proper gowning directions
  • Assists in lifting and transferring physically challenged patients to and from exam tables
  • Completes portion of the paperwork process for technologist when necessary
  • To the Radiologists
  • Loads and unloads motorized film viewer
  • Removes film jackets and related paperwork from reading room
  • Phones or faxes stat reading when requested
  • Proofreads patient reports as necessary
  • Delivers report to referring physician when applicable

HD Elite Adv Img-1288

Minimum Qualifications, Education and Experience

  • Must have one of the following: a high school diploma or general education degree (GED), one to three months of related experience and/or training, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Possesses and utilizes excellent customer service skills, strong public relations skills, and good written and verbal communications skills.

Pay Range: $16.50- $19.00/hr