Judicial Assistant I/II - Fixed Term

Superior Court of California, County of Ventura Ventura, CA
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Under general supervision, assists judicial officers in an assigned courtroom or department by managing the logistical functioning and flow of courtroom activities to ensure the courtroom runs in an efficient and professional manner; controls court calendars and schedules hearings according to legal and procedural time limits; maintains the official record of the court; acts as liaison with judicial officers, legal counsel, court staff, all interested parties and the public to answer procedural questions and resolves courtroom problems.

Incumbents work on an established set of tasks in accordance with pre-established policies, procedures, and standards under the direction of a supervisor or judicial officer. Incumbents must maintain confidentiality and sound judgment in performing court-related duties. Incumbents have no supervisory responsibility for the work of others. Incumbents may also perform other duties or assignments in accordance with the operational needs of the court.

Classification characteristics:

Judicial Assistants perform a variety of difficult, specialized and highly responsible courtroom support functions that require a thorough knowledge of the terminology, procedures and practices for their litigation areas, with a significant degree of accountability for results.

Essential Duties:

* Attends court sessions to record proceedings and provide staff assistance to the judicial officer in case processing, document review and other such specialized procedural information.

* Properly handles, marks, maintains, and secures exhibits and related records of exhibits.

* Looks up bail information in the court case management system, computes fees and fines.

* Research and reviews case files and advises judicial officer, attorneys and litigants on sufficiency and timeliness of documents filed and other case specific information requiring the application of technical practices and procedures.

* Provides information and referral to related court services, prosecution and/or legal defense services or operation.

* Enters judgments into the court case management systems and prepare the official record of court proceedings.

* Prepares abstracts, judgments, verdicts, notices, commitment papers, exonerates and forfeits bail bonds and cash bail; issues and recall bench warrants, and other related processes or documents.

* Draws jury panel, records juror challenges, administers juror and witnesses oaths, records juror attendance, calculates and collects non-cash trial juror and court reporter's fees, and prepares Trial Expense Statements.

* Coordinates courtroom activity and needs with document processing, court calendar preparation, jury services and other court units as well as legal counsel, law enforcement representatives and other agencies involved with court operations and execution of court orders.

* Collects data, prepares records and reports concerning work production.

* Maintains both manual and computerized case files and records court actions (e.g., disposition, subpoenas, hearing dates, motions) in summary and/or narrative form to accurately reflect case proceedings and determines action needed to execute court orders and rulings.

Minimum Requirements & Qualifications:

Education Requirements

Completion of high school education or its equivalent

Judicial Assistant I:

Experience: Three (3) years legal administrative experience which includes two (2) years of working experience within several units (e.g., traffic, criminal, civil, records, small claims, etc.) of a court in California doing filing, reviewing and processing of court legal documents.

Judicial Assistant II:

Experience: Three (3) years legal administrative experience which includes two years of working experience within several units (e.g., traffic, criminal, civil, records, small claims, etc.) of a court in California doing filing, reviewing and processing of court legal documents AND two (2) years of courtroom working experience as a Judicial Assistant I, including successfully demonstrating the ability to clerk both the entry and worksheet side of a calendar courtroom, or its equivalent courtroom working experience.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of:

* General functions and organization of the judicial system, including the various units of the court, their roles and functions of other related agencies.

* Acceptable document formats applicable to the preparation and processing of legal documents.

* Calendaring rules preparation, process and procedures.

* Policies, procedures and regulations governing the intake, maintenance, disclosure, transfer and safeguarding of subpoenaed records, court documents, public records, court exhibits and court related information.

* Office administrative practices and procedures, including recordkeeping and filing.

* State regulations and court policies and procedures regarding jury service, including attendance and empanelment.

* Case and file records research methods and technique.

* Effective customer service, written correspondence, telephone and e-mail etiquette.

* Correct English usage, including spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Ability to:

* Understand, interpret, explain and apply detailed, specialized information, including codes, rules, policies, procedures, forms and court proceedings related terminologies in carrying out job assignments accurately and efficiently.

* Perform official actions that require high attention to detail and application of code, rule and specific procedural requirements.

* Read, interpret, explain and apply statutory and legal requirements applicable to the preparation of cases for trial and the processing of associated legal documents.

* Read and verify legal documents for formatting and validity.

* Provide case and procedural information and related resources to litigants, attorneys and other agencies.

* Organize and maintain files and filing systems in accordance with regulations and standard office procedures.

* Operate a computer, computerized case management systems and other standard office equipment.

* Communicate clearly and effectively.

* Ability to understand, follow oral and written instructions.

* Ability to administer oath.

* Ability to train other judicial assistants or court employees on a procedure or a new system.

* Ability to work outside normal business hours.

Physical Requirements With or Without Reasonable Accommodations:

* Ability to use a personal computer and its peripherals including keyboarding, mouse and monitor use for extended period of time.

* Ability to sit for an extended period of time.

* Ability to grasp and manipulate files or exhibits using both hands.

* Ability to use a writing instrument.

* Frequent hand and/or wrist motion.

* Frequent reaching and grasping at or above shoulder level.

* Frequent bending, squatting, stooping and kneeling.

* Ability to hear audible sounds.

* Ability to visually inspect documents and exhibits.

* Requires movement throughout the courthouse, other departments or locations.

* Ability to lift and carry files, documents or exhibits up to 25 lbs.

* Ability to transport files, documents or exhibits that may weigh up to 50 lbs. by pushing and/or pulling a cart.

Work Environment:

* Shared office environment with varying degrees of hot and cold air and lighting condition.

* Requires travel to other court locations or training program.

* Must be able to traverse indoors and outdoors, over uneven ground and pavement in all types of weather.

* Constant interruptions and various office noises, with high volume of telephone and personal interaction.

* Ability to adapt to varying work station or environment for floaters.

* Exposure to dust, copier and printer toners.

Important Recruitment Information:Please visit our website at www.ventura.courts.ca.gov. For consideration please apply online no later than 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 29, 2018.

APPLICATION EVALUATION: Qualifying: All applications will be reviewed to determine whether or not the stated requirements are met. A comparative screening will be conducted to determine which of the applicants will be selected for invitation to the written examination.

Applications will be evaluated and ranked according to criteria that most closely meet the needs of the department, so it is essential that applicants provide as much detail as possible and answer all parts of the application.

WRITTEN EXAMINATION: A job related written examination will be administered to qualifying candidates testing knowledge of various clerical related techniques and practices. Candidates must earn a passing score of seventy percent (70%) or higher to move forward to the next step of the recruitment process. DATE: June 14, 2018.

ORAL EXAMINATION: A job-related oral examination will be conducted to evaluate and compare participating candidates; knowledge, skills, and abilities in relation to those factors which job analysis has determined to be essential for successful performance of the job.

Candidates must earn a passing score of seventy percent (70%) or higher to qualify for placement on the eligible applicant list. DATE: June 20 & 21, 2018

PERFORMANCE/PRACTICAL EXAMINATION: A job- related practical examination may be administered to assess knowledge of candidates for skills required for the position. Date: June 22, 2018

SELECTION INTERVIEW: A job- related selection interview will be administered to qualifying candidates. DATE: June 27 & 28, 2018

PROMOTABILITY REVIEW: A rating of candidates for promotional examinations where each candidate's previous on-the job performance, education and experience, which have been documented or observed may be provided by employee's former or current supervisors or managers of the Court.