Senior UX/UI Designer
 Vancouver, WA
The Kabam UX team is looking for a new teammate to join us on an exciting new title.

What are our Values?

1. Have Nerd Passion! - be curious, creative, enthusiastic, reasonably joyful, self-motivated and inspiring
2. Challenge assumptions - be an advocate for UX design and strive to understand our players
3. Put We-before-Me - collaborate, share your passions, and help build teamwork
4. Be a leader - take pride in your work, take initiative, and set an example

Why a UI and UX Designer? 

Great question! Our team crafts both the user experience and interface designs for the titles we work on. We consider UI design to be part of UX design, and breakdown our work by feature. One UX designer is responsible for each feature, from the beginning to the end. This allows us to stay actively engaged with a project, while also focusing on a variety of interests throughout the development cycle. 

What’s expected of me?

As a Senior UI & UX designer, you have a strong understanding of design principles and design-thinking methodology. You understand the value of user-research, know how and when to employ it to improve your work, and help guide others within this area. You are the type of person who loves to learn new things, whether it be software, design methods or simply how your newly-made friends work day-to-day. Having a leader-mentality is critical; you own your tasks, features, and overall project . You excel under pressure and find creative solutions to the problems at hand. Design process excites you and collaborating with others is your second nature. You believe that honest and genuine communication is the main ingredient for success, and are happy to openly share feedback with others. You strive to have a deep understanding of the competitive landscape, and actively play the games that we develop to stay engaged and up-to-speed. Your experience and abilities have equipped you to identify and solve any UX issue within the game development process, defining clear goals and contingency plans for you and your team to follow.

What would my day look like?

  • Identifying and defining the goals and requirements of features, and assessing the impact of those features on other parts of your project
  • Determining user-targets, creating user-flows and wireframes, and building annotated documentation
  • Designing mockups and polishing the final product
  • Engaging in and leading conversations with stakeholders to communicate your design solutions
  • Learning and sharing best practices with the team
  • Pro-actively finding ways to improve our games and processes
  • Mentoring other UX designers - promoting collaboration and helping with any extra workload
  • Supporting the team-lead - delegating work, assisting other team-members and disciplines when required, scheduling and capacity planning, etc...

What are the credentials?

  • What are the credentials?
  • 4+ years of experience as a professional UI and/or UX designer
  • Education background in a HCI, UX, or a communication design related field
  • A strong portfolio demonstrating effective user experience flows, wireframes and interaction design work
  • Having an iterative design process that allows for fast iteration to ensure the best solutions are delivered
  • Ability to take complex information and turn it into user-friendly UI design solutions
  • A passion for solving human-centered design challenges and graphic design communication problems
  • A strong interest in gaming and experience with game development - mobile games is an important plus!
  • Project management techniques and software comprehension
Together, we can create and support some of the best games ever made.

About Kabam
Kabam is a world leader of developing entertaining, immersive, and highly social multiplayer games for mobile devices. They merge consumer behaviour with the art of game design to create experiences that are enjoyed by millions of players across the globe. Each game has raised the benchmark in mobile gaming, bringing high-quality graphics, next-generation technology and revolutionary gameplay to the console in every player’s pocket.
Kabam has partnered with leading entertainment brands like Disney, Hasbro and Universal to create mobile games based on some of the world’s most iconic franchises.

Kabam’s games have generated hundreds of millions of downloads including Fast & Furious 6: The Game, Fast & Furious: Legacy, Marvel Contest of Champions,  Transformers: Forged to Fight,  Shop Titans and Mini Guns. These games have also received multiple awards such as Apple’s Editor’s Choice and Google Play’s Best Game of the Year.

Founded in 2006, Kabam has studios and offices in Vancouver, Montreal, Charlottetown, San Francisco and Austin. Kabam is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Netmarble Games.