Project Quality Inspector
 Valliant, OK
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Position Description

(This job is specific to Construction Services). Under general supervision, applies skills and knowledge to determine degree of conformance of products to KBR or Client specifications. Performs inspection of various project activities; Generates reports of conditions found during inspection activities; Notifies management of significant problems; Completes documentation to attest to satisfactory completion of inspection or test activities. Job tasks, correctly performed, impact indirectly on cost containment, efficiency, profitability or operations. Typically requires minimum three years related experience.

A quality control (QC) inspector will utilize quality assurance (QA), the process or set of processes used to measure and assure the quality of a product. The QC Inspector works in the rebuild shop to inspect, test parts for defects and any deviations from specifications of any equipment that has been rebuilt from an outside rebuild shop. The inspector will flag anything that does not meet with company standards, including products, materials, and equipment specifications. An inspector should be able to interpret blueprints and other engineering drawings or documents that detail equipment specifications. Experience with precision measuring tools is required. Other traits include attention to detail, data collection, and communication skills both verbal and written. The QC inspector has the responsibility to document findings, manage complete and accurate records, and report any defects or inadequate rebuild errors.

Other traits required are as followed, proficient with computers, spreadsheets and managing records. Be able to use SAP, learn how the Mill's Storeroom operates and how QA/QC service will interact with the storeroom and area leaders. Know how to obtain IP Corporate and Valliant Mill rebuild standards.

Work with the mill equipment champions to draft quality assurance procedures and check sheets for different equipment types, interpret and implement quality assurance standards. The QC inspector also works with the mill equipment champions to develop and implement mill testing procedures and equipment needed to perform appropriate tasks.

Be able to communicate with repair/rebuild shops with issues or questions that may arise. The Valliant Mill QC equipment inspector will be required to travel to vendor rebuild shops, perform audits, and report findings as needed.

Basic Mechanical Skill required, Training Courses required, Precision Maintenance Skilled Craftsman, Essential Pumps and Seals, Essential Bearing Skills, and at some point Essential Fasteners Skills.

Testing equipment will be put in place to test all rebuilt Hydraulic Cylinders and Hydraulic Pumps. Have a basic knowledge of lubricants and grease used at the Mill.

Equipment rotations are done on a quarterly basis's, part of the QA/QC duties are to assist with equipment rotations and inspections of equipment that is being stored in the storeroom.

The QC inspector will also be required to scan completed QC documents and store them electronically on the network (i.e. 7113 Functional Location Structure Folder Tree in shared network file server).

Support field QA/QC inspections on an as need basis.

This position is part of the rebuild shop's function, at times when QA/QC work is caught up this person will be scheduled to assist with rebuilding mill equipment.

The QC Inspector will report to the Rebuild Shop Manager.