Park Supervisor - Vallejo CA

Safemark Systems Vallejo, CA
Safemark is seeking a part time Park Supervisor for their Six Flags Discovery Vallejo, CA location.

Job Summary:

The Park Supervisor is responsible for the supervision of multiple Locker Attendants within an amusement park along with ensuring that all ScooterBug and Best Locker equipment located at our customer sites is maintained effectively and efficiently keeping in mind ScooterBug, Best Lockers and Customer standards of safety, functionality and show quality.

Key Responsibilities:

* Assisting the Park's guests in renting or using a locker.

* Answering questions from the guests and troubleshooting minor operational issues with the lockers.

* Assist with the repairs and maintenance of the mobility products within the park (scooters, wheelchairs, and ECVs)

* Housekeeping maintain a clean and orderly area around the locker locations within the park and remove spills and debris from the lockers.

* Present oneself in a professional manner at all times.

* Act as a liaison between Six Flags and their guests there will be times when a guest will approach and ask questions about the park.

* Assist with cash collections.

* Assist with employee management (assigning breaks and lunches, monitoring in and outgoing shifts, monitoring the time clock, an etc.)

* Prepare reports as needed by management.


* High School diploma or equivalent.

* 1 year of supervisory experience required, 2 years preferred.

* Must be able to effectively interact with a variety of personalities.

* Ability to sit or stand for long periods of time.

* Must be able to push, pull or lift 50lbs.

* Must be able to work outdoors in a variety of weather conditions (Warm or Cold, Wet or Dry).

* Must be able to present a professional attitude in stressful situations.

* Must be able to successfully pass a required back ground check.

* Decision Making Skills must have the ability to analyze a complex situation and establish a positive outcome for the guest and Best Lockers.

* Social Skills Must have the ability to stay calm in the heat of the moment. Must be able to interact with guests who are unhappy. Must be able to represent Best Lockers and the Park in a professional manner while dealing with guests.

* Communication Skills must be able to effectively interact with the Park's guests and address their questions or concerns.

* Learning Agility Willingness and ability to learn and apply while 'in progress'.