QA Supervisor

Sterling Foods Union City, CA
Sterling Foods is looking for a Q.A. Supervisor to join their team in Union City, CA.


Quality Assurance Supervisor is responsible for leading the implementation and administration of the Quality Program and Quality System Plan (including SQF System, HACCP, Food Safety, GMPs, Allergen Control, Chemical Control, Traceability, Nonconforming Procedures, Government and Customer Requirements, etc.). An important part of this is facilitating the investigation and communication of quality related issues and the subsequent corrective/preventive actions. The Quality Assurance Supervisor will be fully functional in all areas of food safety to give direction in any area needed in the plant.


* Assist the Quality Assurance Manager to guarantee that the Department meets its goals and obligations. This includes completion of testing, investigations, and reporting in a timely and effective manner.

* Provide supervision and training of QA Technicians and assist in the training of other departments regarding Quality programs and issues.

* Provide information and tools for personnel to maintain a high standard of attention to quality and for the company to continually improve the effectiveness of its Quality System.

* Maintain good communication with other departments, outside companies, and senior management. Build and maintain working relationships with co-workers and external parties; negotiate and handle work problems without alienating people; understand others, demonstrating the ability to obtain their cooperation in non-authority relationships.


* Ensure that job responsibilities of QA technicians are understood and applied.

* Schedule and assign QA technicians as determined by production schedule, management directions, and QA Department needs.

* Review QA documentation and job performance.

* Assist payroll in verification of time sheets, overtime, sick days, vacation, absences, and tardiness for QA Department.

* Attend regular interdepartmental meetings for production scheduling, discussion of new product issues, safety, and other concerns as required.


* Monitor the equipment calibration status and certification of all measuring and testing devices in the facility and see that they are renewed as required.

* Maintain Ingredient and packaging material documentation including current Specifications, MSDS, Nutritional Data, Letters of Guarantee, etc. as required.

* Request missing or outdated documents and verify receipt.

* Monitor the Kosher program and maintain Sterling Foods' compliance with Kosher regulations.

* Monitor the Kosher status of all ingredients stored in the facility and maintain current letters of certification.

* Manage Schedules A & B. and submit requests for the addition of new items.

* Assist rabbinical inspectors and follow up on inspection reports and requests from the OU.

* Act as company liaison to the USDA. Maintain and submit documents, authorizations, specifications, and testing data as required.

* Monitor the traceability of ingredients, packaging materials, in process items, and finished products. Conduct regular mock recalls to test the effectiveness of the program.

* Facilitate successful audits by third parties and regulatory agencies.

* Provide and submit documents, forms, etc. to the auditing agency as requested.

* Investigate the company's readiness for the audit and report or correct deficiencies that are discovered.

* Maintain records of Audit reports and comply with requests for corrective actions and follow up communications.

* Responsibility and authority to oversee the SQF System.

* Back-up to the SQF Practitioner for Validation and Verification of SQF Pre-requisite programs.

* Accountable for the safe and wholesome manufacture of our food products.

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