General Servicer
American Electic Power
 Tulsa, OK

Job Description

Assist in the installation, rearrangement, maintenance, operation, removal and inspection of electrical transmission and distribution facilities. Drive and operate vehicles associated auxiliary equipment.


1) The following list sets forth the principal duties required for the job. This list is not intended to limit assignment of work or the degree of supervision under all operating conditions. Employee may perform miscellaneous, related, and incidental work in addition to that specifically outlined below.

2) Open and close switches and install grounding devices to lines and equipment.

3) Climb poles or ride in bucket to install or repair wires, arms, insulators or other hardware on poles.

4) Install and repair underground facilities such as cable, transformers, potheads and pedestals.

5) Installs pole hardware and such auxiliary equipment as transformers, lightning arresters, switches, fuses and insulators, using hand tools and mechanical devices.

6) Cover energized lines with rubber goods to facilitate safe handling of high-voltage lines without interrupting service. Use rubber gloves and sleeves to perform energized line work up to 15 KV.

7) Perform similar or less work as assigned.