Equipment Coordinator

T.D. Williamson Inc. Tulsa, OK

Ensure appropriate equipment coordination through scheduling, distributing and receiving required tools and equipment and ensuring necessary maintenance is performed.


Project Preparation and Monitoring (50%)

* Ensures logistical practicality and successful tool movement to and from various Service Centers,

* Monitors the 45 Day Schedule (jobs database) and allocates tool components accordingly,

* Manages monthly parts inventory counts and tool counts for Service Centers,

* Plans and prioritizes Shop flow in order to ensure adherence to run schedule,

* Updates tool tracking database, including tool templates and settings, and utilizes the database to allocate tool components and support equipment in order to maintain current Asset Tracking,

* Pulls tool components, using ARENA, GP, and FSA programs, from inventory with sufficient time to execute tool maintenance, build, and test/setup procedures,

* Inspects tool builds, provides checkout for equipment spares, and signs hard copies of Tool and Equipment Checkout Document,

* Posts hard copies of Project Packets, monitors project progress, and updates the Run Tracker as projects evolve,

* Maintains proper cost coding, ensuring that parts are coded to proper jobs,

* Provides proper tool drawings Shop, System, and Field Technicians for tool builds;

Triage and Maintenance (50%)

* Attaches Triage Documents, as prepared by Field Technicians, to returning tools,

* Assigns and schedules tool disassembly, triage, and failure analysis to appropriate personnel,

* Ensures disassembly, triage, and failure analysis are performed according to proper procedure and time frame,

* Provides schedule to Maintenance, based on run priority information provided by Shop and System Technicians,

* Generates tool parts replacement orders for damaged parts,

* Maintains the spare parts inventory and orders,

* Looks for alternative suppliers for all major cost items,

* Verifies that all incoming spare parts are QA/QC checked.


* Technical Bachelor degree, preferred,

* At least 2 years of experience in logistics or the pipeline industry, preferred

* IT Literate,

* Ability to take initiative and multitask