Assisted Housing Leasing Specialist
Tha Brand, LLC.
 Tulsa, OK

Requisition Number: HOUSI01092

Assisted Housing Leasing Specialist

Salary: $40,821 annually + Full benefits including 401(k) w/ 11% company contribution, Health, Dental, Vision, Life, Short and Long-Term Disability, Paid Holidays, Vacation and Sick

Prepare, execute, monitor, approve, and administer leases and Housing Assistance Payments Contracts for participants in various rental assistance programs. Define the participants rent portion and perform the annual recertification of the participants. Duties will be performed within the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Tulsa Housing Authority (THA) regulations and policies.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Execute and manage housing leases and contracts for persons participating in Voucher, Moderate Rehabilitation or other rental assistance housing programs. Execute and manage housing assistance program participants to ensure they receive rental assistance within established HUD and THA rules, regulations and procedures.

Conduct annual and special recertification interviews with participants and make the decision regarding whether a participant may be eligible for continued benefits. Verify and determine if there are any changes in income, family composition and other related information required for rent proportion computations. Review and be competent on THA and federal standards for occupancy requirements and program policies and procedures.

Become familiar with and competent in the how to calculate income and allowable deductions based on HUD guidelines and determine participant rent portion and housing assistance payment to be made to the owner. Become familiar with and competent in the how to determine rent reasonableness and then ensure that the participant meets the HUD affordability rule and approve paperwork to proceed with inspection of unit. Assist with management of participant’s various needs, including referring participants that need assistance with initial deposits to the appropriate social service agency. Following up with participants to determine if a need was met to make a decision regarding continued eligibility of benefits.

Prepare for and conduct briefing sessions for program participants providing detailed information regarding program regulations and THA policies and procedures.

Review and analyze data that will help prepare various reports showing decisions made and actions taken, those reports are updated and submitted weekly to their immediate supervisor for review, including, but not limited to: Hold/Abate, Overdue Reexam, Expired Voucher, Earned Income Disallowance, and Zero HAP reports.

Receive, investigate and resolve resident and property owner complaints concerning housing conditions and lease violations and thereby ensure the integrity of the program.

Review participant files to determine if fraud or a misrepresentation exists, and where misrepresentation of the facts requires computation of assistance overpayment to THA, go forward and determine if the participant’s assistance should be terminated for fraud. Prepare to testify at formal or informal hearings, court actions or similar proceedings, as directed by the Executive Department, specifically, the General Counsel, regarding rental assistance that has been recommended for termination. Review and analyze records for each case and ensure it is handled and properly documented to meet HUD and THA regulations, policies and privacy protections.

Enforce policy and regulations and send appropriate correspondence to terminate, inform, or collect additional information from program participants and landlords. Conduct and/or lead meetings, hearings and reviews for applicants and participants to ensure THA has acted in accordance with policies and regulations and whether rental assistance is to be terminated.

Request inspections and coordinate with Housing Quality Inspectors to ensure units are in compliance with HUD Housing Quality Standards and participants are in compliance with their respective lease agreements. Schedule abatement of payments and recoup any amounts due of owner non-compliance.

Conduct home visits on a periodic basis for family certification purposes as need as a reasonable accommodation for program applicants and participants.

Perform other duties as required, including those of a higher classification for a limited period of time.


Drug screening and criminal background checks will be performed.