Systems Modeling Scientist
World View Experience
 Tucson, AZ

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World View is currently seeking a Systems Modeling Scientist to lead the efforts of a brand-new Simulations/Modeling Team. This individual is responsible for leading the efforts in system and simulation modeling for projects ranging from Fleet Management Systems, Balloon Systems and Cloud/Atmosphere projects. A qualified applicant is someone coming from a background in Modeling and Simulation using Physics and Applied Mathematics, whether that is educational or professional background.

Summary of Essential Job Functions

  • Create physical system models to solve problems across various engineering departments
  • Build tools to support the pre-processing of simulation parameters and the post-processing of simulation results
  • Analyze the effect of changing parameters of a single or multiple system on the overall system behavior
  • Work with multiple engineering departments to understand respective physics and collect data for system modeling
  • Couple the effects of different systems on the Stratollite platform including Balloon Systems, power systems, and payload components


  • A proven track record of technical capabilities in system modeling and simulation
  • Capability to define appropriate targets and goals, using a range of strategies
  • Experience resolving issues through appropriate analysis and design modifications
  • Strong experience in scripting simulation workflows with varying availability of documentation
  • Experience of optimization methods and software
  • Experience with MATLAB and a Scripting language (Preferably Python)
  • Experience with a Model-Based Design approach, preferable HIL and SIL testing
  • Some knowledge of scripting for simulation process automation

Additional Requirements

  • Master's degree (Preferably PhD) in an engineering discipline
  • Excellent communication skills in both technical and non-technical environments
  • A passion for creative engineering and problem solving