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One of the nation's largest and most respected hospital companies, Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) has built an impressive record of achievement and performance. Steadily growing from a startup to an esteemed Fortune 500 corporation, UHS today has annual revenue nearing $10 billion. In 2017, UHS was recognized as one of the World's Most Admired Companies by Fortune; ranked #276 on the Fortune 500, and listed #275 in Forbes inaugural ranking of America's Top 500 Public Companies.

Our operating philosophy is as effective today as it was 40 years ago: Build or acquire high quality hospitals in rapidly growing markets, invest in the people and equipment needed to allow each facility to thrive, and become the leading healthcare provider in each community we serve.

Headquartered in King of Prussia, PA, UHS has more than 81,000 employees and through its subsidiaries operates more than 320 acute care hospitals, behavioral health facilities and ambulatory centers in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the United Kingdom.

Palo Verde Behavioral Health (PVBH) is a 84 bed private psychiatric facility providing inpatient and intensive outpatient psychiatric services through treatment programs tailored to our patients needs for the purpose of creating positive outcomes. PVBH will build on the excellent skills of our current Psychiatrists, licensed registered nurses, clinical social workers and licensed professional counselors to support these programs.

Mission Statement

The mission of Palo Verde Behavioral Health is to provide the highest quality of psychiatric patient care through treatment programs focused on improving the lives of our patients and ensuring their experience during their stay supports their road to recovery.

Vision Statement

Palo Verde Behavioral Health will be recognized as the premier regional provider of innovative, compassionate behavioral health services, which enhance the health of our community. We will exceed the expectations of those served, maintain the highest standards, and promote a rewarding work environment.


Coordinates care and provides therapeutic Out Patient treatment for patients at Palo Verde Behavioral Health. This position will have a focus on substance abuse and utilization of a 12 step program.

Job Requirements


To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to demonstrate competency in the criteria listed in this job description. The specifications listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and ability to meet the minimum requirements for this position. Staff must demonstrate knowledge and skill in provision of services to various populations including children, adolescents, adults, older adults and dually diagnosed patients in an inpatient and partial hospital setting.

Education: Masters Degree or Doctoral Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Social Work, Psychology, or Professional Counseling

Experience: Minimum of 2 years' experience in mental health

Licensure/Certification: Preferred Licensure in area of specialty or actively pursuing and near licensure.

Excellent written and oral communication skills, time management, crisis intervention, and group and individual psychotherapy required.


Provide quality assessments and reports according to training and areas of expertise

Provide quality individual, group, marital, and family therapy according to training, specialties, and effectively manage time in clinical sessions

Facilitate productive therapy sessions and provide growth promoting experiences to patients

Develop initial rapport with patients

Define clear and meaningful treatment goals for patients

Facilitate therapeutic movement towards treatment goals at an appropriate pace

Demonstrate use of various and active interventions

Help develop and evaluate patient-specific treatment plans

Ensure treatment follows goals outlined in the treatment plan

Provide or arrange proper family therapy intervention

Develop and implement appropriate aftercare and discharge plans

Complete all discharge forms, contracts, and crisis prevention plans with the patient and ensure that aftercare appointments are made prior to discharge.

Contact aftercare professionals/treatment facilities to provide patient information that will aide in a smooth transition of care.

GENERAL WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Work in general office environment and hospital units/programs. Exposure to psychiatric patients', who may exhibit violent/aggressive behavior. Potential for exposure to communicable diseases, blood/body fluids and other hazardous waste. General hospital environment.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to observe patient behaviors and write notes in medical charts

Must be able to physically assist or restrain patients in compliance with the restraint policy.

JOB SPECIFICATIONS: To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each primary duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill and/ or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities, who are otherwise qualified, to perform the primary functions.

Patient Care

Coordinate care with referral sources and other involved professionals

Maintain regular communication with family members as appropriate

Return phone calls to professionals and family in a timely manner

Encourage patients to participate fully in all aspects of the treatment program

Educate all patients, whenever possible, about ways to facilitate recovery

Follow safety practices as outlined in Palo Verde Behavioral Healthpolicies and procedures

Follow the protocol and guidelines of the inpatient program and other formal treatment programs

Help patients benefit from their insurance by timely completion of all paperwork, returning phone calls, and actively participating in utilization management

Medical Records

Complete formal assessments and reports within specified time lines

Chart each session and all relevant contact related to the patient on day of contact

Chart entries should record the patient's response to treatment, current mental status, progress in the program, and need for continued treatment if appropriate

Chart to specific treatment plan goals according to Palo Verde Behavioral Health guidelines

Ensure the treatment plan is completed and on the chart within the specified time frame

Complete a group therapy note for all patients in group therapy within specified time lines

Professionalism & Ethics

Be dependable, punctual, accountable and use time productively

Be prompt to meetings and in starting therapy sessions

Contribute to the positive image and reputation of the company

Make contributions to improvement of Palo Verde Behavioral Health treatment programs on a regular basis

Participate on committees and help with projects as requested

Be familiar with and implement Palo Verde Behavioral Health treatment program guidelines

Acquire and maintain knowledge regarding the patient population served

Be aware of personal limitations and seekhelp accordingly

Maintain proper boundaries with patients and teach them to do likewise

Treat patients, staff members, professionals and family members with respect and courtesy

Discuss rights of confidentiality with patients and maintain confidentiality of patient information


Initiate opportunities to receive feedback and help

Accept constructive criticism and feedback and use it to improve performance

Be responsive to direction and follow through on assigned tasks


Attend in-service and staff training meetings

Attend Social Services Department meeting and support other therapists and treatment modalities

Attend Inpatient Treatment Team Meetings and actively participate in treatment planning for all patients

Seek opportunities to support other therapists' patients

Contribute to achievement of performance improvement and actively participate in PI activities as requested

Performance Standards

1. Position Knowledge & Accountability

Maintains knowledge and understanding of all policies and procedures

Takes initiative in identifying areas for improvement in the treatment program

Contributes to and actively participates in Palo Verde Behavioral Health's performance improvement endeavors

Is active in becoming educated about the population being served and the treatment given

2. Clinical Skills

Displays enthusiasm and a positive attitude

Conducts proper, timely, and thorough assessments

Builds and maintains rapport and regular contact with the patient's family

Attends Treatment Team Meetings

Shows awareness of personal limitations, seeks assistance when needed, and shows a willingness to accept feedback

Shows preparation and willingness to learn and grow during formal supervision

Maintains appropriate boundaries both in session and out of session

Demonstrates good clinical skills in individual and group therapy, i.e.,

Active involvement (as opposed to passive)

Uses a variety of interventions

Willingness to confront patients when they need it

Takes responsibility for the treatment program, maintaining the integrity of the program with patients

Enforces unit rules

i. Establishes and maintains contact with referring professionals as appropriate

j. Effectively manages the design and implementation of discharge and aftercare plans

k. Is reliable and dependable in all therapeutic responsibilities

3. Documentation

Effectively manages medical records, making current and timely progress notes

Entries are timely, informative, and follow the specified format

Completes medical records, including formal reports, in a timely manner and according to specified deadlines

4. Teamwork

Consistently works in a positive and cooperative manner with fellow team members

Shows willingness to participate in on-call rotations as needed

Shows flexibility in covering therapies when needed

Demonstrates willingness to extend themselves to patients other than their own

5. Teachability

Accepts constructive criticism and feedback and uses it to improve performance

Is responsive to direction and follows through on assignments


Treats everyone as a guest.

Makes a positive first impression and continues that positive impression through ongoing efforts

Anticipates the needs and expectations of all people encountered

Displays service recovery skills; is responsible for resolving dissatisfaction without assigning blame

Demonstrates professionalism and excellence in all things.

Demonstrates professionalism in look, what to do, and what to say

Holds self accountable – Is a positive role model

Delivers excellence that goes beyond departmental and individual job responsibility

Practices teamwork

Participates in decision-making and process improvement, regardless of level in the organization

Communicates effectively within and beyond assigned team

Focuses on the problem or issue, not the person

Behaviors: Always says "please" and "thank you". Makes a good first impression by projecting a positive attitude; greets patients, guests and staff warmly.

Behaviors: Always wears name badge. Demonstrates a professional image through manner of dress, respectful communication, and adherence to hospital badge policy.

Behaviors: Holds self accountable for getting the information needed to know to do job. Responds to client and customer questions, concerns and grievances in a timely manner, informing complainant of process and expected time of resolution.

Behaviors: Uses language appropriate to the situation and to the guest. Is a team player, showing respect for peers, supervisors, patients and guests, demonstrated through verbal communications and commitment to the work group.

Behaviors: Greet guests with eye contact and a smile. Staff is timely when responding to patient needs and requests by making eye contact and verbal contact when patient presents self at nurse's station or any other area where staff is located.

Behaviors: Always end an interaction with the guest by asking, "Is there anything else I can do for you?" Provides service to patients and families that is prompt, caring, efficient and effective.

Demonstrates respect for the hospital environment by keeping work areas organized and clean, and taking pride in the facility as a whole.


Attendance: Consistently reports to work on time and is ready to work at start of shift. Appropriately utilizes personal days/sick time. Clocks in/out per policy and procedure; begins/returns from meal periods and rest breaks within established policy time frame.

General Safety: Follows all departmental and hospital safety, security and infection control policies.

Self-Development: Maintains required licensure/certification for position; renews by expiration date; Maintains MANDT training; renews by expiration date. Gains additional formal qualifications beyond the minimum requirements of the job; as well as additional job duties and skills. Follows up on any personal development plan. Maintains current knowledge of policies and procedures, protocols, and practices. Attends inservice programs.

Professional Appearance and Attitude: Complies with the Personal Appearance policy. Consistently demonstrates a self-directed, mature and disciplined approach to completing work duties. Demonstrates emotional capacity to perform within position responsibilities. Maintains and respects patient and employee confidentiality. Follows proper lines of authority and organizational structure.

The Following is the minimum knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to provide care and service for the patient population served:

AGE GROUP ENCOUNTERED: Adolescent – (13-17 yr. old)

Adult – (18 - 54 yr. old) Geriatric – (55 or above)

Must be able to demonstrate knowledge of patient rights, advanced directives and ethical issues for all age specific groups.

Must be able to demonstrate the skills and knowledge to provide appropriate interventions based on the needs of various age groups.

Must be able to demonstrate knowledge and ability to advocate, communicate and educate patients of all age groups served, including those with physical, emotional, social, mental, language and cognitive impairments.

Must be able to demonstrate knowledge and ability to collaborate with medical staff, other health professionals to achieve desired outcomes for age specific groups served.

Must be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills to interpret age related data and appropriately consulting with other team members and/or planning care based on those results.

Must be able to demonstrate ability to provide patient/family education, explaining care, treatments, discharges instruction etc. using correct terminology and technique to address educational needs of each age group served.

Must be able to demonstrate knowledge and ability to assess and provide appropriate interventions in the event of abnormal family dynamics for various age groups including; child abuse, domestic violence, and elder abuse.

Must be able to demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide a safe environment of care and recognize safety risks/considerations of each age group served.

Must be able to demonstrate proper application and knowledge of policies and procedures related to restraint alternatives and usage for various ages of patients served.

Must be able to demonstrate knowledge of the principles of growth & development of the life-span.

Must be able to modify and deliver care that is specific to the age and growth & development of the patient served.

Must be able to demonstrate knowledge and ability to provide structured educational groups

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